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No Matter What, 'Taare Zameen Par' Movie Is Bollywood Best Emotional Movie Which Can Make You Cry On Loop.

Date: 2019-08-26 11:10:18

By TabloidXO

I remember almost a decade back when I saw 'Taare Zameen Par', I cried at all the parts where Ishaan Awasthi couldn't cry. The numbness he had after his parents left him in the boarding room, ironically, made me so emotional.

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As a kid when I watched Taare Zameen Par movie, at that time I didn't realized the lessons Taare Zameen Par wanted us to show, the things that made me fall in love with the movie are different from the reasons I love it now. As a kid, I related to the story of a child who immensely loved his mother, but didn't know how to express it along with his insecurity that he would lose his mother's love and his numbness when he thought he had.

I loved the relationship he had with his brother. I related to his anger and self-defensiveness when he was with his friends who are all so distantly perfect. I hated his teacher just as much as Ishaan but being a kid, I usually fused his teacher with mine. I laughed at his 'Bindaas' response when asked about his exam went despite his success in doing only one question, that too wrong.

And needless to say, 'Yaha alag andaaz hai' of the first introduction song became my childhood jam as I dived into my imaginary world just like Ishaan while sitting in front of my breakfast.

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But now when I watch this movie, I appreciate it in a different light. It is not that I have totally changed perspectives or something, but it has just made my list longer as to why I call this my favourite movie. Having read about dyslexia, I understand that this movie is not just trying to liberate kids from the imposed aspirations of their parents in a competitive world but also trying to remove the stigma associated with psychological disorders. It is not only telling you that all kids are unique in their own manner, but also telling you that some kids need more care than others, they need more attention and it's alright to require it. The whole idea of letters dancing for Ishaan which had been a mere background in my childhood recollection became central when I watched it again.

This movie has taught me so much, while as a kid, it made me understand myself better, but as an adult it makes me understand the world better. The movie questions the undue importance which is given to written intelligence than a verbal or creative or visual one. It shows the struggle of a kid who does not understand what he is going through, which makes him angry and frustrated resulted in his hateful behavior. It shows how a child's anger is often dismissed as misbehavior instead of a genuine insight into the child's mind who struggles with expression. It shows that frustration often ends up in shouts or tears. It shows that resignation, the feeling of giving up, comes up after prolonged frustration which often makes the kid numb too.


It shows what a difference a little tender and care can make in the child's life. It taught me to be compassionate to little ones instead of absently nodding to when they are talking. It taught me that psychological disorders can happen to anyone and instead of focusing on the career of a kid since birth; one should focus on helping the kid foster their individual talent in the best form.


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