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Thank You For Breaking Up With Me, My Ex!

Date: 2018-09-26 09:32:45

By Mansha


Like every girl, I was too in love with that someone special and like many others, I too thought that it will be last forever but destiny plays its own games, up there someone knows better what is best for us. In my case too I was blindfolded by the love that I didn't see what I am doing wrong or where he is doing wrong. After dating for almost a year and promising each other for a life together as a husband and a wife and having our own kids, we decided to part our ways, in the starting it was difficult but as days, months and then years went by I have realized one breakup can teach you so much about life, it teaches you to be more mature, responsible and confident.



When you are in a relationship, everything happens according to that other person wish. You keep your wishes aside because for you, that someone special means everything and you decide to do whatever which makes him happy and smiling. In this you become selfless, you gave your whole into this relationship that you forget that you too exist as a person and your decisions should also listen and respect. But by the time when you realize things are already complicated that without even realizing your relationship goes out of our heart, mind, and hands. You try your best to bring your relationship back to the phase where everything was perfect but only because of your immaturity and selfless love you yourself destroy it.


In such relationships where you are not happy and you can't be yourself, it's important to come out of it and when you do come out of this toxic relationship, it hurts for first few months but later when you come back to your normal senses you realize it's for your own good, it has benefitted you as a person and again you have started looking yourself as a lady who has her own respect.


Here, I am not blaming that special someone, you were not wrong neither am I we were kids back then. It was like a high school love where we had no idea how relationships should be, on what grounds and on what aspects. We only knew the easy parts of it, we never focused on its tougher parts. Now I have understood and I forgive you for breaking my heart because after you left I learned the value of myself, I have become more confident than before and more mature than that. So, thank you for leaving me and giving me my respect back.


I believe one breakup is very important in every person's life because it teaches you that life is not always perfect, some people will come who will remain there for the rest of your life and some people will come & go, leave footprints into your lives, to which you will see all your life and realize how stupid were you and how life has changed in a good way in comparison to those days.


A breakup doesn't mean that your life has stopped or finished, it means God is planning something more beautiful for you. Hating that another person is foolish because he is the person who has taught you the value of relationships. So, today thank them and say thank you for breaking up with me.

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