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A Thank You Note To My Friend Who Has Always Been My Constant Support In My Thick And Thin.

Date: 2019-04-12 16:18:03

By Mansha

Hey friend,

You have always asked me about, how special you are to me, but I never showed you any of my interest to give you any "bhaoo" and I have always neglected this question, made jokes out of your emotions (I swear, just to annoy you) but deep inside I always wanted to tell you, "you are my backbone". If I am a cake then you are the cherry on the top and if you are the remote then I am the cell without which both are useless.


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Yes, I know, you are about to say, "so cheesy with a wild grin" like a cool dude, but deep inside you know that how much I love you and you love me and what place we have for each other in our hearts.

Now, when we are mature enough making a living of our own, we have a family to take care and where we both have loads of responsibilities on our shoulders, we managed to keep in touch, but not like the old days, where we used to hang out for like hours and hours without any tension of going back home or any work. I know I have missed lots our golden moments in your life because of my busy schedule and like a good, understanding friend, you never said a single word to me about "not giving you much of my time" but that's what friendship is, isn't it?


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Friendship is to know about each other's struggles and help them to cope up with and you have always done that. Despite not giving you my time, you have always been there to advise me and to show me the right path. Whenever I felt sad or lonely, you appeared there without any tantrums, you hugged me and made me realize that "if it's not the destination then it is not the end".


My dear friend, I have always taken you for granted, but today I want to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done for me. From childhood till now, you have been my strength and I have no idea what would I do without you because even though we don't talk on a regular basis, but your existence keeps me calm like I know, if something would go wrong, you are there to make it right, you are just one phone call away.



I know, you must be thinking that I am drunk right now, but no, I am sober and writing this on my workstation with tears in my eyes. You must be abusing me for making you sentimental as well, but you are my boost to my energy and you are as vital to my health as insulin is for diabetes patients. So, you better should not leave my side or else you have to meet me on my grave.

Anonymous (but from every friend to their best friends aka soul partner)


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