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Thank You, My Dear Teacher, For Giving Us One Free Period And Letting Us Enjoy Our Dosti

Date: 2018-09-05 10:55:46

By Mansha


Bell rings (ding-dong), and the next period starts as soon as bell rings, waiting for another teacher to arrive, not really interested in studying but when you already entered in lions mouth there is no way to go out but she or he arrives in a fantastic mood with big smile and in a mood to joke and having fun. Finally, blurts out the best lines, which we always love, "Today it's a free day, sit and have fun but quietly".



This all has happened to me also when I was in my school and college. There were used to be very few days when teachers used to be in a good and fun mood and whenever we got a free day that used to be the best day of that week. Teachers too used to connect with us by talking and playing games with us; we had played dumb charades with teachers as well. This all used to be a stress-free for us because all week we had the same routine but because of that one day, we could feel that warmth and friendliness with our teachers, we got to know that apart from being a "khadoos" teacher they can be fun also. Because of them, we used to look forward to days when we could sit with them and have a friendliness conversations with them that happen to be very rare depending on our academic performances, which made them happy and proud of us that time they gave us a free day as a present.


We had learned very good and meaningful things also from those free periods apart from having fun with our friends and that was understanding their perspective towards our future and what we really capable of because they know better about us than anyone else.


I want to share a very sweet and touching story, which happened between my teacher and me while having those free periods. I was in my second year of college and finals were just two months far, that day my teacher decided to give us a free period and told us to be courteous but fun. I was sitting at the first bench when she came to me and said I have been keeping my eye on your assignments and exams, which made me realize that you are really good at writing in comparison to accounting subjects, so I feel your career is somewhere in writing and I can see those skills in you. So you should think about it and make sure that you realize that in time. That day, I got to know where is my interest and what I want to do, that day I got to know my area of specialization and I promised to myself and her that I would do something in this field and will let her know that she was right and perfect. Thank you, my dear teacher, for guiding me in the right direction and letting me know that I am worthy of something.

This is just a small instance which I have shared with you all and I am infinty percent sure that many of you too had got some great advices from your teachers which has led you to your bright future.


This teacher's day, I want to thank you for making me believe in myself. Whatever I am today is only because of you and your belief in me.

Happy teachers day to all the beautiful teachers!!

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