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9 Things Every Guy Should Keep In Mind Before Getting Physical With A Girl

Date: 2019-06-14 15:15:27

By Mansha

Great intimacy is a sign of endless love. The way a person touch you and feel you, tells how much he loves you, but every time that touch is not always soft because love makes people do crazy things like being too harsh or rough in lovemaking, so, it is important for every guy to know about things, which they should always keep in mind before getting physical, so that, they don't hurt their girl physically and mentally.

Things every guy should consider before making love to their special lady:

Ask her if she is ready to go all the way down there:

Things start with knowing each other's bodies by feeling the warmness but soon, things get out of control and guys to wish to take the high road, but guys, ask her if she is ready to take things forward from just making out because it is a big step for every girl.


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Try to figure out her reactions:

Before getting too rough, do see her reactions if she is really enjoying it or you are being too harsh for her because you don't want to hurt your ladylove.


Ask about protection:

We get it, guys don't like using protection, but you are not the only one who is involved in this process. She has a big say too, so before making the move ask her about if she wants to use the protection because it will affect her afterward not you.


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If she is comfortable:

Make any type of move if she really gives you any sign because being her comfortable is the only sign that she wants you in another way. Start with holding hands and you will get to know her comfort level with you.


Whether she is on her periods:

Before making any move, find out if she is on her periods and if yes, ask her first if she is comfortable with sex and if no, then respect her decision and pamper her like a princess.


Ask her about her desires:

It is not only about you, you get satisfied easily, but you too have a responsibility of making her desires fulfilled. Ask her what she is expecting and fulfill all of her desires.



Ask in between action:

It pains a lot and it is your duty to ask her in between action if she wants to stop because of pain and if yes, stop it or ask her permission of taking it slow.


Sex is not the end:

Girls, love to spoon after sex and it makes them feel secure, so, do it if she wants you to do it because what she has done, was a big deal to her if not for you. Hold her, embrace her and have a conversation with her for making her believe that you want more from her than just the sex.


Don't just directly jump into the sex:

Have a romantic talk and intimacy before sex because that's what every girl dreams of, as sex can be painful and things before that make it easy for her to go all the way to the bush.


Have a great time, guys!! Wink-wink.


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