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We Asked Guys What Do They Notice First In A Girl & The Answers We Got, Can't Be Ignored

Date: 2018-11-07 12:41:45

By Mansha

Every guy checks out girls that are pretty normal and it is okay until they are not bothering or stalking that girl. Every guy has different preferences when it comes to checking out girls around them, some have pretty simple preferences and some have wild preferences. Right guys? And we girls have no problem in you checking us out until they are not very cheap and pervert types. We too check out you all but in a very decent manner and we expect it from you as well because we know sometimes it is healthy and fun. Types of men saying things, which they notice first when they check out girls around them...

Guy 1:

When I check out a girl, my eyes straight away go towards her hair. Good and clean hair with a few curls in the end really turns me on in a subtle way.


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Guy 2:

While checking out a girl I straightaway look towards the way she is talking because overconfident or less confidence turns me off in a very bad way.


Guy 3:

I check out her body shape, I really don't have a problem if she is thin or fat or chubby, it just happens, my eyes always first check out her figure.


Guy 4:

This can be pretty awkward that I am saying to a girl but yes, I check out her waist and if she is wearing something like crop tops then I can't control my eyes to stop them going there.


Guy 5:

Her nails, I hate untidy and not groomed nails because it makes me feel very manly. Good nail paint with fine filing looks good and tempting.


Guy 6:

This is quite funny but I notice her feet because untidy feet really annoy me and cleaned feet with proper pedicure makes me feel refreshed.


Guy 7:

Her smile, a good smile really does turn me on because a happy woman is attractive and wanted.


Guy 8:

This is quite abnormal I know but I notice the number of drinks she is having because for me it tells that what kind of nature she has. I am not saying that too much drink is bad but this is what I am.


Guy 9:

Her company with she is with because a group of friends represents what kinda person you are. So if I feel that she has a good company and she is also interested in talking to me then I will definitely talk to her.


Guy 10:

Without censor, I would say it that her boobs. Size doesn't really bother me but I notice that first.


Guy 11:

I first check out the amount of makeup she is putting on her face because too much makeup really turns me off as a person, I feel real beauty can't be compared to the fake beauty.


Guy 12:

Her dressing sense, I first notice her clothes because that tells about your personality and personally I like girls who dress simple and light.


Some of them are adorable and some of them are wild but we loved it. What you first notice in a girl or in a boy, do let us know by commenting down...

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