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10 Things Guys Should Know About Periods

Date: 2019-03-16 18:01:32

By TabloidXO Writers

We all know how fractured the sex education in India is and how every biology high school teacher dreaded teaching the reproduction chapter because they were all too scared of some giggles which will probably be shared by students when their back is turned to the blackboard. Like all other major lessons in life, sex is relatively a very hushed topic but it is still talked about. Menstruation, on the other hand, is a total mystery which even Sherlock would have struggled with if he was an Indian boy.

I can go on and bring in the negligence of as a subject matter and also bring in some literary feminism in this article but I won't do that for the fear of making it too alien. The boys in India barely know anything about periods and it is the society's fault. A boy who has a sister might be better off in knowing something but a boy who does not have a young girl in the family will be totally alien to the concept and will probably get to know through his girlfriend but this is not an article about how screwed up our society is regarding some things which they still, unfortunately, classify as taboo.

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Here are some basic things that boys ought to know about periods-

It does not refer to class periods and no, pads are not the same thing as notepads.

Yes, it is normal enough to happen to every girl and this is a part of puberty.


Pads and tampons come in different sizes; if you are ever buying it for someone then ask them beforehand which type they want.

The basic biology behind it, it was there in the science book!


Being on periods does not mean that they are not pure during that time. Seriously.

Menstrual cramps cause severe pain and should be taken seriously. The amount of pain and discomfort varies from girl to girl.


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Yes, periods might bring out some mood swings but don't categorize every change in mood as something because of 'that time of the month'. It is very annoying.


Period blood is not unhygienic; don't get freaked out by it. Tampons or pads are not disgusting; don't run away from them like a vampire running away from silver.

If you want a girl on periods to feel better, approach them with a blanket and chocolate. It usually brightens up their mood. A little cuddle with a stupid movie on Netflix is an added bonus.



Menopause (typically happens in '40s-'50s of women) is when periods stop happening and that can be a hard time for a woman too. Your mom probably is going through or already went through it.

There are so many stereotypes attached to menstruation and the only way to tackle is to spread awareness. It can only be done when everyone joins their hands and minds together to fight ignorance. It may not directly concern a man but you too will probably get married and have to deal with the mystery of menstruation at some point or the other. A little knowledge beforehand never hurt anyone.


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