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What Really Women Do On Their Hen's Party Before Marriage? Every Guy Wants To Know, Right Guys?

Date: 2018-11-23 15:11:49

By Mansha

Why should boys have all the fun...

We all know how much craziness boys have on their bachelorette trip with all those totally sloshed moments each night, strip clubs and what not and it's all in loud voices and everyone around them must have know that what all they did on their trip but with girls it's all different, they believe in enjoy their fullest, sometimes more than boys but in hush-hush manner. Now boys must be thinking that what exactly they do on their hen's party or trip. Right guys? Today I will tell you some of the secrets (sorry girls) but why should always we keep shut with our secrets.



So boys, let's start with our games that we play which is always related to you (if you know what we mean) because no hens party is complete without some naughty and sexy games like who will eat maximum number of bananas (okay this is too much but when I promised to open all the secrets then here it is), quiz about who knows better about their spouses (yes, you imagined that right that what exactly you have in your mind), hen party dares (which can go way too wild boys, you have no idea), true or false (this is one game which we can't even think to play in front of you because here all secrets are revealed without any lies) and many more exciting games are there and if I keep writing about games then I can write a book on that.


It doesn't end here, we too have own sloshed nights but the only difference is we keep those secrets between us because once those sloshed memories will come forward you will be shocked, traumatized and god knows what all. We too go to strip club because we too feel that it's our last chance to see another man apart from you (okay, shut your wide open mouth, we too can be wild) but we never go overboard, we believe in loyalty over infidelity.


Now all you guys always ask us one question that what exactly we do preparations for? Now here are the answers: no party can be complete without props and believe us those props are wild, naughty and sexy. What kind of props, thinking this, right? Like, horns and I am not going to open more props in front of you because that would call a cheating towards my girl's gang. We try to make our hens party way too special or way too sexy so that bride won't feel guilty that she didn't enjoy her single life because once you are married that means "eating same daal chawal every day".


I know boys you all must be grinning right now but this is who we are, we are little bit shy in discussing our hens party but we too have desires, dreams, and wishes for our hens party, we too want to celebrate our single life until we tie the knot with our loving husbands but no wedding is complete without some kind of craziness and this kind of craziness is healthy and important.

Sorry, my girls but I haven't opened all our secrets so you should thank me for that later. Boys, this was just the trailer.


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