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What Is It Really Like To Be A Single Child

Date: 2018-08-31 17:05:39

By Mansha

Being an only child is good and sometimes it's a curse. Things you would relate to if you are the only child:

You have to work extra if you want your parents to agree with you on something:

When you have a sibling, you can bound on that person for everything, from getting you permission to go on a school trip to go on a bachelorette trip with your friends. When you are the only child, it becomes difficult to convince you.


You are hell too pampered:

You are their "laadla or laadli", you are their real "aankon ka tarra" which they can't and won't let their eyes to distract. They take too much stress for you and because of you. Also, they make sure that you do everyday stuff on time like calling you various times in your office only to ask have you had food or come home on time because we are getting bored.


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You are accountable for your own doings:

When you have a sibling, you can blame them for your own mistakes and they too play with you sometimes in front of your parents but when you are a single child, you are responsible for your own mistakes and that kind of sucks.


You are so fed up with your relatives:

Every relative must have asked stupidest questions every time they meet the only child like "don't you feel alone or doesn't it feel lonely in the house" and every time I want to say "how can I change this fact", why in this world you are telling me this, now I can't give birth to my own sibling, Right? They are the most annoying creatures believe me.


Parents are overprotective:

They don't have anyone else to give attention. You are the only child of them and their whole world goes around you. Your mild fever can give them hypertension and when you are out till late along with battery-less cellphone then no one can even imagine their state in which they must be living at that time.


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You don't have to worry about sharing things:

The whole house is yours, your TV remote, clothes; you have a right to every crazy thing as if you have some kind of patent. Being the only child is like to live a life king size. Your room is only yours and your all other stuff is only yours.


Also, sharing can be a little tough for you:

Because of no siblings, you don't have a habit of sharing things like food or clothes and when somebody shares your things with you, you become uncomfortable.


Your friends are your siblings:

You share all your problems and confusions with your friends and they too treat you like their siblings. When you are sad or unhappy about something you turn to them for every little advice.



You have no one to save you from your parents:

When you have a sibling, they save you from their scolding or from their taunts. They got your back every time but when you are the only child, you are all on your own and sometimes its hell difficult and you wish to have a sibling.


It's tough when you have no one to put your crying face on his or her shoulders:

When things go wrong or out of control, you have no one to look up to, like when someone gets sick or in the worst scenario when someone dies. You miss that sibling figure in your life at that time the most. Friends can't take the place of siblings every time; some places are reserved for special ones.



There are pros and cons of being an only child. If you are also the only child, tell us your experience by commenting down.

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