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Things That An Introvert Craves For In Relationship

Date: 2018-09-09 12:49:16

By Abhishek


Love has no boundaries and so does people. People will go beyond limits to express their love to someone. In the variety of species of human beings, there are people who love to show and express love in front of everyone, some are introvert who face awkwardness in showing love to someone they really love and care. And today we are going to focus iota more on introvert people.

They are people who take the definition of love to the whole different level. Rather than going to a place which is surrounded by loud music, they prefer to spend some time with their lover at a place which is quiet, where they can talk about themselves and there is no one to disturb.

If you are lucky enough and the introvert falls for you, they will only crave for few things which are true if you love them and contrariwise.


1. An introvert person craves for endless caring and those cute moments which make them feel the warmth of you. They need your constant love and care and do trust me you will get the love, respect, and care in return because they do believe in sharing.


2. They sometimes get low and overthink for little things, so kindly refuel their inner confidence by bracing them with good thoughts and making them believe in themselves.
Because they crave for your positive speeches which make them feel Apna Sa Moment...


3. They need your time, space and actually the whole you. Never let them feel lonely. Talk to them, share your thoughts, show your full support to them, never say lie because they crave for truth and then, they are yours. They will consider you important and will give you their time just as you did for them.


4. Though they are introvert and might be, they feel shy to talk to you or text you, perhaps they really do not mean to, it's just that their shyness stops them to talk first.
If you took the command for talking first, they would genuinely love it and won't feel shy after that.
There might come a time where she is a talker and you are a listener.


5. They love to crave to check how much you know about them

No, not about general knowledge but knowledge about them. they would love it; actually, double love it if you remember their small talks. Observe them, talk about them, show interest in them & their family and see the magic after it.


6. They want your regard

They are ready to jump an extra wall to get you into their mind. They feel relax when you pay attention to them, this makes them feel the nitty-gritty of being togetherness. When they dance with you, or sing a song for you, or make food for you, so kindly understand what they want you to understand, you are special.


7. They crave for your patience

They take time to decide whether they feel comfortable or not, they take time to figure out the feelings which are popping inside their heart, whether they are real or not and in all the time, they just want to be sure of themselves, their heart before they allow you to make a permanent residence within them.


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