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Things You Will Relate To If You Live In A Joint Family

Date: 2019-06-08 12:13:30

By Mansha

In recent times, joint families have become very rare, but living in the joint family is one hell of an experience. It's like getting an extra amount of everything, which you ever wanted, where you will only find laughter, smiles, dramas and unconditional love. You will find double relations like double parents, the house full of siblings, unlimited yummy food, endless pampering, all time fun and what not. Things you will relate to if you live in a joint family...

You can never get bored:

You can never get bored at a house where you have so many siblings, always there would be some kind of fun that would be happening all the time like games, gossiping, movie nights and ice-cream drives.


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Endless dramas:

Dramas that are hell entertaining and endless like arguments between all the elders that are scary, but entertaining at the same time.


Family vacations are fun:

Going on a vacation with 20 people, imagine how much fun that would be. All cousins' together, swimming and partying together and enjoying every moment to the fullest.


Unconditional love:

Dadi, Dadu, Taiji, Tauji, Bhaiyas, Bhabhis, Nieces, Nephews and Sisters. You get love from every corner, every corner pampers you and if you are the youngest in the family then trust me, and you are damn special to them and so lucky and blessed.


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Every day is Sunday:

"Sunday ho ya Monday, hum to karenge party har day". Yes, when you are living in the joint family then every day is a fun-day every day is Sunday. There would always be a party among family members and every day would be a special day.


You know the real meaning of adjustments:

When you are living in the joint family, you have to make many adjustments to live peacefully. You know very well how to make adjustments to make other people happy and this is one reason that in your relationship as well you will never face adjustment issues.


You are pro at every board game:

When with family and getting bored, board games come to the rescue and this is the one reason that no one can beat you at the board games.



The family is who eats together and stays together:

Having lunch or dinner at home is fun because that is when the whole family sits together and has a gala time. You wait a whole day for dinner so that you all can sit together as a family and gossip together.


If you are the only daughter in the family:

Then, all brothers of the family will pamper you like a baby and trust us you will be the heartbeat of your brothers.


Every small festival turns to be big celebrations:

Rakshabandhan, Bhai dooj, Diwali, Christmas or any other festival turns to be the biggest celebration at your house. You dance, sing and enjoy every festival, as it is your first.



Every problem of yours is a family problem:

No matter what your problem is, you will always find your family right next to you and not leaving you alone at the difficult time of yours. They will fight for you and with you till you are out of your misery.


Hum Saath Saath Hain:

You are one big happy family who stays together, eats together and lives together. Every day you get up from the voices of your loved ones and every night you sleep after hugging each person in your home.


Living in a joint family is not easy but also it is not hard, all you need is patience and sense of adjustments rest is all good. Joint family is fun and it is a blessing to have one if you have one cherish it because everyone is not that lucky.

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