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Things Men Do When They Really Loves You

Date: 2018-12-28 17:19:10

By Mansha

Love is a feeling that words can't express especially in the case of men. Women are great at showing their feelings but men show their feelings through small things, which they do for their love that tells them "I LOVE YOU" without saying directly. Some things men do when they truly in love with you.

He listens to you and remembers what you said:

He listens to you very attentively and also remembers what you said earlier. He takes you seriously and also when it comes to talking rubbish, he won't complain about that because he loves to listen to your voice, it's like music to him.


He will text you even if he is in his office:

I have seen in some relationships that men don't take calls or read messages if they are working but sometimes when you need them urgently you can't find them anywhere. In this case, if your man loves you truly, he will never ignore you.


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Opens his mind and heart to you:

They say true relationship needs trust and companionship; they need to open up to each other for building the emotional bonding with physical bonding. Emotional bonding is very rare, it can only happen when he trusts you and takes you as his world.


Talks about the future:

In his future planning, you are always there in his plan. He will count you in when he will be a millionaire or when he will be having his first child. In all of his dreams, you will be there on the top of his list.


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He can't keep his eyes and hands off you:

They say love is incomplete without lust and without lust love has no meaning. They both are the team for having a successful relationship. So if he really into you he won't be able to take eyes and hands off you.


Keeps telling you how beautiful you are:

For every man, his lady is the most beautiful for him against the world. He accepts you as you are and treats you like a queen.


Takes care of your needs:

He would be known about all your needs and desires. When someone truly loves the other person, without saying they get this intuition of the want of the other person.


Doesn't feel shy about holding you or your hands in public:

Some men feel awkward or shy while holding hands in public but if he is really into you then he will not give a damn about the world. He won't care "log kya kahenge".



He keeps you his first priority:

For him you will be his biggest treasure, he will keep you above from rest of the things every time. You will be his priority against anything and everything.


Try to make you laugh and smile every time:

He loves to see your smiling face and he will do everything to keep that smile stick to your face every day. His life lightens up by your smile.


At the time of arguments or fights, he knows how to make up to you later:

Arguments and fights are healthy for relationships, they let you know what other person is expecting from you. But some men just don't care they think everything would be back to normal the next day but if he is really into you he will make sure you don't end your day and start your day with any kind of stress or anger. He believes in making your day colorful and stress-free.


Last, he knows you love surprises and he loves to surprise you:

Every girl loves surprises and every girl dreams of romantic dinners, gifts and so on and real man who truly loves his lady would do every cheesy, sweet and romantic things which make her cheerful and lighten up her days and life.


Girls don't want all of this until she is with her lover whom she loves crazily but when men do these things, girls feel special and lucky. She would be happy to an extent where people can see and say, we have never seen this glow on your face and she proudly says, it's all because of him.


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