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7 Things You Should Not Do When You Are Drunk

Date: 2019-04-15 14:03:45

By Mansha

They say, "Never to take important decisions when you are drunk" but what those important decisions are? Confused or lost? Don't worry because I have come up with the list of things which no one should do when they are drunk because that only messes things up and sometimes it can give birth to the biggest volcanoes in their life which they would only listen or face it the next day, "in their sober mode". So it's better to take precautions by keeping this list in your minds and also make the note of it for your friends and stop them while they are drunk.

Don't go for tattoos:

In your "no sense" mode, you will end up with the funniest and non-tolerable tattoos in your weird body parts, so, don't even think to get that done or you will be like "Ted" from "how I met your mother" where he got the weirdest tattoo in his lower back which eventually he had to get it removed. Don't be the "Ted", people.


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Calls to your ex's:

Never make calls to your ex-lovers, thinking, you miss them because that's not you who is saying this; it's your alcohol. So, don't initiate those calls because next day you might have a small awkward situation with your ex or they might punch you in your face.



This can be horrible the next day when you will be like, "I didn't mean that" and you might have to force things on yourself because you don't want to hurt other person's feelings or even if you really want to propose but get rejected, you will be in the most depressed phase of your life.


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We all know, alcohol can make us do the horrible things but "hook up's" are the biggest no-no because you may have done it without feelings but another person can take it in the other way around and it will get hell difficult to say, "it was just the phase".


Never reveal secrets:

Some people reveal their biggest secrets after getting drunk, people ask them questions and without even thinking they utter the biggest secrets of their lives that only make them feel guilty the next day. People you need to learn to say "no" and more than that, you need to learn to shut up.


Talking vulgar:

Getting drunk doesn't mean you have got the license to speak anything and rubbish. You should have some boundaries, never speak vulgar words only because you are not in your senses because that does not only affect your reputation but also, it makes people uncomfortable. Especially when girls are around.



Last, please don't cry:

You start digging your past and then you cry about how stupid were you. We get entertained but also after some point we really want you to shut up and don't want you to make the night about crying.


What your friends do after getting drunk? Or what stupid things you do after getting drunk? Do let us know by commenting down below.


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