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10 Dramatic Things People Do After A Breakup.

Date: 2019-04-29 17:25:12

By Mansha

In the long journey of life, many people come and go. Some of them would be temporary and others would be the permanent residence of our hearts.

Temporary people would be staying in our lives for a while, but their memories are for a lifetime, which pinches us later, but also it left it's sweetness with us for the life because love never dies, just bitterness blocks the way. The moment relationship gets toxic and it parted the ways, breakup happens with mutual consent but what after that?

AFTER EFFECTS, they can be hell dramatic. Today, I have come up with the dramas that people play after their breakup...

Increasing sugar intake:

Some people get addicted to desserts and the famous one is ice cream. They love to eat a full bucket of ice cream in the name of, "we are hurt and it helps us to feel relaxed and calm".


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Eating what their partner liked:

They will go to their usual places where they used to hang out with her or him and will order the dish, which they liked in the name of, "It helps me to think less of him or her".


Devdas phase:

They will get indulged in alcohol and would spread their tears everywhere after getting drunk about how much they miss him or her.


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Keeping an eye on their social media life:

Even after the breakup, some people run behind their ex's life and would stalk their every move. They become kind of insecure about their relationship status.


Addiction to fitness:

Some people would rebound from the gym and fitness. They would spend hours at their gym centers and would focus on the makeover plan.


Will lock them up:

They will lock them in the room with only four walls around them and would give up all their hopes about their love life.



Drunk texting:

This one is the most commonly used by all the new breakup people. First, they will get drunk af and then will send all the "miss you" and "let's get back together" messages to their ex-lovers.


Setting a fire on their love letters and gifts:

Remember Kareena Kapoor from Jab we met, where she set her ex's photo on fire and abused him with ten fits of abuse? Yes, people do that in real life too. They set all their memories on fire and they will cry over it. Just like all Bollywood movies.


Listening to all the sad songs:

TUNE MERE JANA KABHI JANA, ISHQ MERA DARD MERA... remember this song? This is one of the songs, which all DUKHI AASHIQUI'S listens to after their breakup.



Last, they try to rebound with another person:

They get into another relationship as soon as possible because they are afraid of living alone and mostly; they end up in the worst relationships.


Which one are you when it comes to acting dramatic? Let us know by commenting down...

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