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Things That Happen In Girls Hostel Stay In Girls Hostel, Sshh!

Date: 2019-02-01 20:06:27

By Ritika

Girls hostels are often a mystery to the outside world. There is just so much going on inside and so much of masala to fill one's stomach with. A lot of stereotypes and rumors going around, girls' hostels are not only about pillow fights and the hehehhe. Not every girl runs around in a silk gown and not all of them keep putting face masks.


Here are somethings that happen in every girls' hostel:

Movie Marathons, loads of them


Herbie Reloaded? Done. Mean Girls? Done. Matrix? Done. X-Men? Done. Movies, series and youtube channels- everything is binge-watched here in very high quantity, my friend. If you ever find two feet inside a blanket and no movement, that's probably because someone is having a movie marathon inside.

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HARD-CORE, INTENSE gossip sessions


How could she do that to you? I would never talk to her like that. They started dating? Oh god. All of these are some usual dialogues from every gossip session that's ever been held at a girls' hostel. Guys, you might be having your smoke up sessions in your hostel, but this is way more intense. Okay?

Stalking cute guys on every social media possible


Seeing a guy in the campus and wanting to know his name? Don't worry your girls got you covered. Stalking and finding out everything about everyone out there is something that keeps going on in different parts of the hostel.

Living on maggi


Of course. And the struggle of making it and washing the utensils afterwards. Why so much of effort? Because the mess food is pure shit and you cannot survive otherwise.

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Sharing clothes


I don't have anything to wear!! That's where all the angels come to the rescue. The girls share their clothes all the time and it becomes very normal after a while. Of course, because we have to go to a lot of places and we obviously need new clothes, even if our pocket doesn't allow that, don't we?!

Women power


KILL ALL MEN! Having hours long discussions only to come to the conclusion that men are the root cause of everything wrong in our lives and in this world is something very, very typical to girls' hostels.


Getting food from home and sharing it everywhere


Everyone gets tired of the disgusting mess food so whenever someone goes home, they get back with a shitload of food and share it with everyone else because “Ghar ka khana”. (But we also don't forget to keep the best part for ourselves because we won't let anyone steal it).

Birthday surprises for everyone


Whether you're an introvert, extrovert, have two friends or two hundred, you ARE going to be treated like a princess on your birthday. Hiding the cake from your roommate and sneaking out to get her gifts are some major struggles.

Sneaking in booze


Alcohol not allowed? We're not legal? WHO CARES? Putting the bottle at the end of the bags, beneath books and sneaking it in is one of the craziest things girls do in their hostel lives.

Walking around in anything


Pajamas, undies, t-shirts- everything is fine because everyone around you is a girl only and there's nothing that they haven't seen so yes, you get all the freedom all the time.

Bedevil with the warden


Coming way after the curfew and still arguing with the adamant warden? Been there, done that. Wardens are never supposed to be good, their job description says bitch so it's fine. It's important to make her remember you after graduating anyway.

Girls hostels are places that transform a soft, gentle girl into a tough one that she has to be for the rest of her life. Giving some of the best experiences and adventures, things that happen in a girls' hostel stay in a girls' hostel.


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