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9 Things You Can Try Before Ending Up Completely On Your Relationship

Date: 2019-02-22 14:32:10

By Mansha

Every relationship hits at the bottom at least once in its lifetime when everything seems to be coming to an end, you feel confused about your feelings and if your relationship is worth it.
Relationship demands efforts and a push from both the sides to make it work and to protect it from letting drown. Sometimes, a little scratch in the relationship turns the relationship toxic and without even realizing you see your relationship getting over.

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Even though if you want to protect that relationship, you feel lost about how to do it and what can save your relationship for the sake of love. So, this time I have come with the things, which you might try to save your relationship before giving up completely...

Talk through it:

Communication helps the relationship to breathe in clean air. Talk about what's going on in your mind and tell your partner about your feelings, which you are getting by seeing that person. Share your doubts and concerns.


Identify the problem:

Once you have the conversation, the next step should be identifying the problems, which you both are facing in your relationship. Share your issues which you are having with your partner and also convince your partner to share his or her issues.


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Solve it by not playing blame games:

Hear each other out and try to find out the solution of it by understanding each other's issues. Don't play blame games just to mark you true or right. Remember, the relationship doesn't work out by playing blame games; it works out by solving each problem as a team.


Don't let attraction fade away:

Keep the lust alive, even at the times of downfall, the physical attraction would help you maintain the closeness between you too and sometimes emotional detachment gets improved only because of attraction.



Decide if you still want to work on it:

Decide if you want to fight for it or no. Have a close look into your heart and think hard if you want to put efforts from your side to make it work and to give a new life to your relationship. To be short, be fair to yourself and your partner.


Remember your good days together:

By remembering good times, feelings get changed and you want to protect your relationship for the sake of feelings because of which you both decided to come into a relationship. Keep remembering your good and memorable days, which you both have shared together.


Imagine your life with them and without them:

Imagine your future with them and without them. In this way, you will get to know if you want that person in your future or not.



Take your time:

Don't rush things. If you want your relationship to stay with you forever then take your time to take a decision. Look into every matter deeply and don't give without trying your best.


Listen to your heart:

When it comes to the relationships, always listen to your heart because feelings can be felt only from the heart and not from the mind. To be short, listen to your gut.


Relationships are not easy, they are hard and complicated after a particular point of time and to protect it from any damage, a couple has to fight for their love. So guys never give up before trying because love is not something that we can use and throw.

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