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Things You Can Expect If You Are Getting Married In A Baniya Family.

Date: 2019-02-23 13:22:25

By Mansha

If you are a Punjabi, Christian, Hindu, Sikh or any other caste but marrying into a baniya family then let me tell you the real truth about all the things which happens only in baniya families. You will take some days or even a month to get comfortable with the surroundings but in the end, you will love that family for its awesomeness and downfalls too.

Have you ever said to your friend being not a baniya, "abbey kanjoosi kya kar rahi hai, baniya hai kya" I know each one of us have used this phrase at least once in our lifetime and now imagine what if that same person gets married to a baniya family "kyunki bhai pyarr toh andha hota hai". For that person or for those set of people, today I have come with the things that they should keep themselves ready for if they will be the "bahu's" of baniya family...

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Early morning marathon:

Say good-byes to your "subah ki neend" because when you are living in a baniya family, being the daughter-in-law of the family you can't be expected to be asleep till eight in the morning. You will be expected in the mandir earliest at possible to do all the other chores with the rest of your family members.


Never-ending family functions:

They have a huge joint family and the best part is every other second uncle would be their "Chacha" so half of the baniya community would be your extended family. Never expect that you and your husband would get some relaxation time because every week there would be someone's birthday or anniversary or weddings. Get ready to please every person of the family.


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Lots of Traditions and rituals:

Baniya families are famous for their never-ending pujas and rituals. So after getting married, don't expect that you will finally get freedom from all those rituals because they are many more to come for the rest of your lives.


Hum saath saath hai:

The family is that which eats together, stays together and laughs together and you will find all of these qualities in a baniya family. Every Sunday would go with the rest of your family members and you have to secretly sneak for some quality time with your hubby.



Every day is a party day:

You will never get bored because of fifteen-twenty people who are staying with you under one roof. There would be always a party in your house because of which you would never feel bored or out of the place.


Love is unconditional:

They will accept you not only as a daughter-in-law but also the member of their clan. You would get the best kind of love from all the elders.


You won't miss your siblings that much:

Because you will have your other set of siblings and your new partners in crime.


In the end, you will feel blessed for your marriage day and your new family forever:

You would not only have a new family but also a crazy family whom you would love a lot. Turning into a baniya is the hell of a change and once you will make yourself comfortable then you would love every second of your life with them.


Marrying to a baniya family? If yes then along with the strict rules you would have the best family.

Have a happy married life!!


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