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8 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Pisces

Date: 2019-03-20 16:00:10

By Priyanshi

Pisces are old souls who like doing things in creatively unique and loveable ways. Don't try to impress them with money, you'll lose bad. They aren't leaders or followers, they like to do stuff independently and like to be appreciated for that. Known for going with their "gut feeling", dating a Pisces won't be a walk in the park but it will certainly be an adventure of its own sort. Three major things to keep in mind when you are dating a Pisces are - giving them their space, appreciating them as it drives inspiration and putting your faith in them.

1. The quicker they get angry, the quicker they cool down.

Hold on before you judge a Pisces's aggression or hold any grudges against them because they for sure are not. They are sensitive as f*ck but when you sit down to talk with them about the matter, they will understand and are the most forgiving people on this planet.


2. They are hopeless romantics from the inside.

If you are dating a Pisces, you should know that they will go to any lengths to prove their love to you. As faithful as a dog, they are devoted to the relationship and will stick by your side at your thinnest and thickest. They love romance and their favorite thing to do is to cuddle on the sofa and watch Netflix with you. Guess what, your pocket's not gonna be empty soon!


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3. Creativity flows in their blood.

As very well known, they like to create their own world of imagination and fascinations, drawing, writing, painting - such hobbies flow in their bloods. They have a knack for creativity and would choose an adventurous job over a mundane regular one anytime where their creativity is enhanced. You need to put all that art out there in the world, after all.


4. They have a knack for deep conversations.

Pisces men and women will always take out time for deep, meaningful conversations which are most certainly not about how your day was. It's deeper than that, honey. This is their pure bliss, talking their hearts out to the person they trust. You' find them dwelling on topics like universe, existence, ocean creatures, aliens and airplanes. Natural dreamers, you know.


5. Fantasy world > Real world.

If you find a person completely zoned out in a room, it's very much possible they are Pisces. They love to be in their own made-up reality space because they believe in ESCAPE. You don't have to show them a reality but you can be a better partner by showing them a way that leads to plan B in case their daydreams don't work out.


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6. They are very giving people.

They will give you everything they have if it is meant to make you happy. Sacrifices are greater than Burj Khalifa and ego is higher than sky but they are the most generous people so you better back them up with appreciation and love because they need that.


7. They are more of a lowkey person who would enjoy an evening in than partying out.

They might come along and party hard on a Friday night with you but they would rather choose Netflix and chill at home and cuddle up with you on the couch! They love one-on-one interactions much more than group talks. Make sure you make efforts to spend more time alone with them.



8. They act their hearts out!

Pisces have big hearts and can get hurt very easily. In situations, they rather tend to act their heart out that the mind which also makes them very emotionally affected and overthink. You might want to be a more stable and supportive partner because they are in constant need of reassurance.


The multi-talented and the deepest zodiac of all, Pisces can be called the 'jack of all trades'. With these hacks, you'll know how to be with them in better ways and how to impress them. Don't forget to get a bottle of wine to binge a TV show with them tonight later. You better take out time, they appreciate that the most.


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