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8 Green Habits We Should Adopt Because It's The Time For 'Change'

Date: 2019-04-26 14:04:30

By Ritika

It's the new year and the time for some new resolutions if you haven't taken any. Not getting our heart broken, reading and writing a lot - all of them are some very good resolutions, but it's time we did something for our mother earth. The rate at which global warming is occurring is dangerous to even hear and if we can do even a little bit to make things better, why not. Here are some green habits that we should definitely adopt!

1. Refuse plastic straws.

Straws made of plastic can often not degrade and make it to the waterways or hinder the cycle in so many ways. Instead of them, switch to reusable straws made of stainless steel, they are easily available.


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2. Switch to laptops or mobiles instead of paper.

Don't waste paper, only use it when totally necessary. For most of the things we know, typing it out and mailing can be very handy and a really good replacement. Don't throw away or waste paper, reuse and reduce its usage.


3. Make a compost pit.

You can utilize all the kitchen waste very wisely and turn it into a natural fertilizer for your garden just by composting it in a pit in your backyard. All organic materials can be composted here.


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4. BYOC.

Bring your own cutlery. Take a fork, knife and spoon and wrap them in a cloth and keep them permanently inside your bag so wherever you go, you won't have to take the plastic cutlery offered to you.


5. Stop buying bottled water.

Even though it seems a lot cleaner than tap water, in reality- it isn't. It only ends up producing more single-use plastic and harming the environment in ways and blocking the waterways since not all of it gets recycled.



6. Use public transportation.

This will diminish the of vehicles in the city, cause less carbon emanation, and decrease the odds of mishaps, accidents, and traffic. Also, it would reduce the fuel expenses of your vehicle. 16% of carbon outflow made by man originates from transportation.


7. Drink loose tea.

Not drinking tea-bags will help save up on so many strings, paper and unrecyclable plastic wrapper that comes with it.


8. Carry a cup.

A keep-cup is one you can take around and ask the coffee shops to refill. Good for takeaways, you'll be saving on the plastic and paper containers and their covers.


Adopting new and greener habits never hurt anyone so let's start doing our bit at least, it's going to go a long way!


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