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What Is Happening In Amazon Rainforest And What We Can Do About This Situation?

Date: 2019-08-25 13:55:06

By TabloidXO

If you use social media you would have come across posts related to deforestation, wildfires and the Amazon rainforest. Despite the best efforts by social media and influencers, there is still a lot that we don't know about the exact situation, how it happened and the brevity of the entire situation.

amazon rainforest


Amazon is the largest rainforest and when we tell you that it is home to innumerable species, we want you to take the word "innumerable" into account again and be informed that a new species of creature is found in it every two-three days, try imaging that!

However, this largest rainforest which also acts as the lungs for the planet are continuously threatened in Brazil due to their lifestyle and developing activities. If you know anybody there, just pass this word to them that when there is no water or land left, tall buildings mean nothing. When your children are choking on carbon dioxide hope those tall buildings will be worth it!

amazon rainforest

Amazon Forest contributes 20 percent of the oxygen to the world.

Deforestation was a common reality, but is escalated this year with 80 percent. Ironically, that should be the number to which it should be reduced to if we, humans wish to live on but it has only increased increasing the number of wildfires. Organizations are blaming farmers for cattle grazing. Farmers and localities say that mega industrialists are behind this and we don't know which one to believe.

amazon rainforest

But how does a wildfire happen in the Amazon Rainforest?

Fire only needs three things to ignite; oxygen, fuel, and heat and the wind just help it to spread afar burning whatever comes in its way. Sometimes excessive heat causes the branches to friction against each other, igniting one dead leaf then another and before you know it, the entire forest sets on fire. Before you know it, the entire planet is consumed and we are choking to death!

amazon rainforest

What you can do to save the Amazon and the earth?

-Avoid excessive heating by the sun.

How can you do it?


How difficult is that?

That requires an effort, but is not difficult at all!


There is a judiciary everywhere; a complaint about the evil activity, the rest work will be done by them. The Judiciary should also see that farmers who burn forests should sent to jail and stricter punishment. If they are not going to jail, then we will have nowhere else left to go.

amazon rainforest

Contribute as much as you can to the rainforest trust and alliances, do not wait for the government to act. If you cannot save the Amazon, save your neighborhoods. Encourage your local rotary to act and organize more plantation meets, make planting and gardening compulsory in school and colleges, nobody needs PT anymore when there is no planet left.

amazon rainforest

You can protect the Amazonia rainforest by making a donation on Rainforest Action Network. Or you can donate to the Greenpeace's petition of the Brazilian government .

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