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Rishta Meeting?? These Are The Things Which Must Be Going On In Your Mind

Date: 2018-09-18 15:32:14

By Mansha

Finding a soul mate through arranged marriage is a very delicate and frantic process. You have to be very careful while talking to the other person because you have no clue about his or her life and also a very hectic process because this may take months or years. It's not easy to go through the process, a time comes when you become so tired from all those meetings and it just feels to end this all up by getting married. Questions that come up to every person's mind before going for a Rishta meeting.

How to start a conversation:

Starting a conversation with a new friend or random people is not difficult, you can become as frank as you want to be but when it comes to going for a Rishta meeting you have to be very careful with your choice of words so that it doesn't pinch the other person.


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What questions should we ask:

Every person has the different knowledge to give, some say ask about things which you think should be common, some say just go with the flow and see where the conversation takes you both and some say don't plan you will let it know by one glance if they are the one. Everything is so complicated, people wish for a questionnaire, which can help them in the whole process.


What our body language should be:

Body language plays the most important role in impressing the other person by just looks and your body language. Because of all the nervousness, some people get confused about how they should walk, talk and greet.


How to know about the other person's expectations about marriage:

People have different expectations from marriage so it's not important to know what another person will expect from his or her future partner. This helps to know the other person better but it's difficult to figure out the way to know what exactly other person is expecting from the marriage and the relationship.


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Should we bring the past in the first meeting:

Some people want to open their past to the other person but they feel scared of judgment, which another person can build in their minds towards them.


How to make a decision if she or he is the one:

Decision-making can be the most difficult phase in the process because you don't want to reject because you know rejection would be the horrible feeling and you become so indecisive about it, which develops a scary feeling too about the future.



How to ask for the second meeting if required:

It can be a bit awkward in asking for a second meeting to your parents to come up with the final decision. This step is crucial too because your whole life would depend on this one decision of yours.


Last, how to impress other family members:

The first impression is the last impression. When you meet a person or the whole family for the first time you become self-conscious about yourself which is normal in every aspect.


This whole process is not easy to go through, people take ages to find that perfect life partner but when it does happen it is the most beautiful feeling ever. All those people who are into this process go through many dilemmas and changes and getting such questions in your minds are totally normal.


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