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Thoughts Come To Your Mind When Your Little Brother Is Not That Little Anymore.

Date: 2019-06-06 18:14:48

By Mansha

Elder sisters are more like moms to their younger siblings and when it comes to younger brothers, they are second mother's to them, taking care of him and worrying about his whereabouts, but it's all good until that little brother remains little and when that little brother enters to his teenager age, the sisters make themselves distant from their personal lives which also makes them anxious and tensed about "what if he takes some stupid step because he is still a child".

Thoughts come to every sister's mind when she finally sees that her little brother is not so little anymore, he is growing up to a real gentleman...

"Oh my god, he has gained his height and looking so mature,"

"Did he just gave me the bear hug,"

"I can't believe he is hugging me like those caring and elder brothers,"

"My baby has grown up so fast,"

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"Does this mean that I am getting old,"

"Oh god, I want him to be that little irritating child again,"

"I still remember when he peed on me for the very first time while I was trying to play with him,"

"Time flies,"

"He is grown up now, does that mean he might be having a girlfriend,"

"Oh my boy, I am feeling so worried,"


"What if that girl would take some kind of advantage of him,"

"My brother is calm and down to earth, he doesn't know how people play mind games,"

"Wait, did I just saw him drinking,"

"How can I stop him, he will feel jailed,"

"I think I should handle this matter at home,"

"He is looking so handsome in that suit,"


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"My baby has grown into a handsome man,"

"I am looking so short in this photo with him,"

"I think it is time to take a back seat from his life,"

"But what if he makes some stupid decision,"

"Should I talk to him that now it's time he should behave like a grown-up?,"


"But what if he gets scared of all that real stuff,"

"I won't say anything to him, but I will keep an eye on him always and whenever I would feel that he needs help I will go ahead,"


"No matter how old he gets, he will always be my baby brother because it was me who held him first when he was born."


Having a younger brother is like having a kid who will always be your first child, for the rest of your life. If you have a younger brother as well then share this post with him and let him know that he will always be your baby and you will always love him as your own child.


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