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Things tomboy girl gets to listen from 'LOG'

Date: 2018-11-28 18:17:35

By Mansha

"She is not he, she is she."

Being Tomboyish is a normal thing these days, at least, for the millennials! But some people act like they have seen the alien on the planet earth, or maybe they are on the wrong planet because "Mein apni favorite hoon". After giving no ducks let's get started with the things which tomboy girls have to listen:

1. Once in your lifetime, those so called neighbor's had poked you for dressing like a boy, "Ldkiyo waale kapde pehno beta".

Ap apne mouth ko araam do na aunty.


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2. Ohh, we forgot our rishtedaar's, how can you all be skipped!
They always rants about you to your parents "Samjhaao ji beti ko kuch, she is getting old and she should act mature now".

Rishtedaar ji, do you really think you are acting mature too? I have a doubt!


3. Your brother must have teased you on Rakhi or Bhai dooj (don't tell us that you don't know why - "Bhai bhai ko raakhi baandhra hai", now understood?),

And you know it's a healthy teasing and you enjoy it too because it's bhai behen ka pyaar yar!


4. People have always questioned you about your short hair or long but messy hair because you don't give a DAYUM about your hair.

We are not here to impress anyone, right? MY WORLD, MY RULES.


5. Just like Jaya Bachchan waited for Shahrukh Khan to come back home, in the same way, your mom is waiting when you will hit the reality and stop wearing your brothers clothes.

Bhai ke kapde pehen na band kardo beta, Ladki banjao!


6. When your mom drags you to the beauty parlor for your makeover, even the beauty parlour wali didi tell your mom, "Only for ladies maam".


7. And if you dare to wear a saree or suit on the family functions, relatives acts like they saw some exotic alien because for them, earlier, you were Pratibha from Tanu weds Manu Returns and later you became the Kangana Ranaut.


8. And its clear cut that this change you want to share it on your Instagram also, and as expected you got more likes and moreover the comments was double than the likes.

Abey tu ladki Kabse bangaya, Anjali?
Photo edit kiya na, sach bata?


9. Your guy friends always finds it easy to get you your birthday gifts because then they do not think from the girls perspective, actually, your girl gang gets mad at you for such a boyish choice which you have.


10. People judge you when you drive a bike; sometimes they even mistook you as being a guy.

Kyo ladkiya nahi chala sakti kya?


Dear People, she is born with these instincts and she can be that normal self whenever and whatever way she wants to be. So, can we take a chill pill?

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