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This Election, These Are The Things Which A Youth Wants From The Government For The Better India.

Date: 2019-04-17 14:55:37

By TabloidXO Writers

Whatever our governments (existing or previous) had done, it is for the best. Their efforts had been shown in these recent years and we are highly thankful for them to create a positive environment around us but wait. I am not here to talk about existing or upcoming government, I am here to talk about millennials i.e. US entering the world of politics.

Have you ever felt as if you want to change a particular law of the country or you want to bring a change in our society? If yes, then we know what you are talking about because as a youth, we all want several things to change, but it never gets changed or simply, it can't be!

What if millennial's come with the power to rule the country, this is what can happen:

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Just imagine, how it would be like if everything could have happened according to us? Amazing, right? We wish...

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