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This Is How I Convinced Her To Come To My Place. I Was Home Alone!

Date: 2019-06-23 16:06:24

By Mansha

When in a relationship, intimacy comes automatically with emotional attachment. At the start of the relationship, every couple works hard in developing the mental compatibility and in our case that was the case.

We started dating, two years back and with time, our understanding towards each other has only increased, and love has only blossomed, but while focusing on such things, our intimacy has always been the last thing in our minds, but the day, I realized, it is time for taking the next big step, I started working on it but she was a little nervous about having the real intimacy apart from just holding hands, and hugging.

I discussed this matter with my friends and they told me, maybe she wants to take the first step but she is scared about losing you. So, I decided to take the first step.


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I called her on the day when my whole family was traveling and I was home alone. Usually, in such cases, we end up watching a movie together, but on that day, I had something else planned for her. I decorated my living room with just candles, roses, and food and champagne about which she had no clue.


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The doorbell rang, I opened the door and I saw the most beautiful girl standing right in front of me, who just belongs to me. I took her inside, she asked me excitedly, "What movie we are watching today" and that's when her eyes went towards everything that was lying around her. Her reaction was so soothing that I felt immense happiness by seeing her happy. She hugged me, kissed me and said, "I love you".


After having the best candle light dinner with her, I started taking that first step, but she had taken herself back. I thought, she was not ready yet, but when I asked her the reason, it was something else.

She: I thought all this while from the last two years, you were not ready or you needed more time.
Me: why you thought so?
She: because whenever I wanted things to go ahead, you never showed any interest.
Me: That's because I thought, you were not comfortable and I never wanted things to go in the rush. I wanted you to be sure about this and sure about our relationship.
She: "With teary eyes", I am lucky to have you.
Me: I am blessed for having you.



That day, I realized how minor things could touch the girls. She wanted to do it because she thought, I won't stay otherwise and I wanted to wait because all I ever wanted was her love.

That day, we had the best time ever. It was our first, but definitely not the last. All I know is, she belongs to me forever and I belong to her till I am alive.


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