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My Lovely Boyfriend, This Is Why I Love Fighting With You

Date: 2018-11-18 17:38:27

By Mansha

My boyfriend is the one who knows how to bring a smile on my face and how to make me feel wanted and special every day by taking care and pampering me like every girl would ever want but also sometimes we do have our differences on which we fight but later we try to make things good again. Every fight makes me realize that how arguments can be healthy too because that's when we get to know our partner more closely and also it improves our intimacy. For me, love is not only about loving the person every day and night, but love is also when you are comfortable in fighting and have arguments with them too, love is when you know after every fight you or he can make things awesome again. Here fighting doesn't mean having some kind of wrestling or bad arguments, in a love relationship fighting is more like of a teasing or a moment where our thoughts are clashing.



A few days back we had a Diwali dinner to attend and he came to pick me up from my home so that we can go together to the dinner. I got late while getting ready and he had to wait downstairs in the car alone for about thirty minutes but I did invite him to come inside and sit with others while I am getting ready though he refused it. When I came down and sat in the car I knew now arguments would be there and I played along. We had arguments on why I always get late, where I defended myself saying, "not always, it is just this time". To this we fought till we reached there and whole night we were cold but in between he came to me, offered me drinks and tried to make me laugh but being a girl and a girlfriend to him I showed my tantrums because I totally love it when he pays attention to me and I love it when I get attention from him.


On the dinner he came with lame excuses on my table to have a conversation, he made puppy faces (which I love the most), he went to bar to get me my drink when my drink was finished and he made my dinner plate because I declined his offer to share his plate. I love it when he does special things just to make me less angry.


Then while going back home, on the way, he looked at me and gave me this sorry smile which I adore the most but again being the spoiled girlfriend I ignored it then while driving he held my hand which always melt me like an ice-cream. That's when I couldn't control my smile to appear and I smiled then he smiled. We said sorry to each other, he said because he was too impatient and I promised that next time I would be on time and I will not keep him waiting.


I love fighting with my lovely boyfriend because I love when I get his attention and when he makes crazy efforts to make things better. I love you my handsome and keep fighting with me so that I can keep getting spoiled by you.

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