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Thoughts That Come To Every Girl's Mind When She Notices A Guy Who Is Hitting On Her

Date: 2018-10-29 12:10:07

By Mansha

Male's behavior is hard to understand, especially when it comes to flirting. They will play such games or would say such lines that you would take a few seconds to realize, "OH, he is hitting on me". Yes, that's how much talent they are and guys we are impressed by your skills, even though we don't say it much but yes we do really appreciate when you make us feel all so important and wanted. As soon as it is a healthy flirting we don't mind and there are such thoughts, which come into our minds when you hit on us...


Did he just use that cheesy line... oh god, these guys!!!

Still, I liked the way he said it...

Should I appreciate his effort or just ignore...

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I think I should ignore. Let him make more efforts.

Please keep this flirting game going on...


Besides all of this, "banda toh smart hai"...

If I would tell him that he looks good, "ser pe chad jayega", so just let it be...

Yes yes yes, I would love to have that drink.

He already ordered... oh, how sweet of him...

I think he is trying me to ask if I am single...

Obviously, I am you idiot or else I won't be standing here and listening to your cheesy efforts...

Though I am impressed by his efforts...


Should I say I am hungry or not? What if he will judge me on my eating habits?

I am a big foodie boy; I hope you will not start with your diet sessions here...

Oh god, why every guy worries so much about fat. Just have it or leave it. Don't order a salad, please...

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Should I ask him if he is really into me or he is just trying to make his night less boring?

Leave it I will get to know about it after this conversation.

Why is he becoming so manipulative, just ask what you want to ask? I will not mind it.


I think I should drink less, what if he will judge me on that.

I am loving it how he is showing his interest in my life.

I like this guy.

Should I ask for his mobile number or its too early?

I think he should make the first move. Ask my mobile number boy.


Did he just say that "I am close to my mom" he seems family orientated?

He seems nice and caring.

Oh god, his friends are calling him. Stop it, you idiots.


Now he will wave a hand on me. Don't go

Did he just ask for my number "yayyyy", okay don't be so excited don't let that come on your face?


I hope you will call me soon...

I would be waiting boy...

Oh god, he looks more handsome from the back.

Stop checking out stop it!!!

On this note, let's have one more drink, my girls...


What thoughts come to your mind? Is it wild or calm? Do you feel uncomfortable or you enjoy it? Do let us know by commenting down.


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