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Tinder Shares The Jobs Which Will Land You More Right Swipes

Date: 2018-09-05 15:42:51

By TabloidXO Writers

The master blaster of our innings, Tinder, it's because of this app people from far off places meet each other, look for the same thing as you are looking for, they spent some quality time and if things go well...good things can happen. It has been the substitute for every person who is single and ready to mingle. In a hope of getting someone of their match people are posting AF pictures which even their eyes will not be able to identify, and those offbeat bios.


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Usually, we think to make an account, putting the "oh god so hot photo" on Tinder profile and making an interesting bio will work, right? You are wrong. Do you know your job/profession also plays a vital role in getting you the right swipe?


Yeah, it does!

Even Tinder believes so!! It says, "Adding your job to your profile is a great way to provide additional insight for potential matches - it also increases your chances of receiving a right swipe!"

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Perhaps, your Tinder profile is not like you're any other job profile, it has to be special if you want to get something really really special. In men, Pilots are the most right-swiped men on Tinder and after pilots, there are entrepreneurs, teachers, photographers, and models that are women's right swipes.



In women; Physical Therapists are the most right-swiped women. Interior designer, entrepreneurs, teachers are men right swipes.


The data shows that people choice of choosing a partner is changing with time, and this time it's not all about the beautiful face, sundar sushil bahu or that Indian Mard definition.


Swipe on!

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