Students, Here Is A List Of Things You Can Do For A Stress-free Exams

Date: 2019-02-17 16:15:06

By TabloidXO Writers

The pressure is real and immense. It is February already and the countdown is nearing its end. And if you are reading this you surely are seeking inspiration because your books fail to do so for you. WELL, DON'T LOSE HOPE YET COMRADE. WE CAN STILL SAIL AND RULE THIS OCEAN OF UNCERTAINTY. I am no expert, but I had been a student too, and we all know that only someone who is still struggling with education can know the proper hacks on how to crack and own boards. So here is your little to-do on how to be stress free during exams preparation:


Eat and drink healthy-

Stress takes a toll on all of us, don't let it get the best of you. If you get sick, then your stress will only multiply as you won't be able to study. So drink lots of water and eat those fruits that your mom is always putting on your study table. Exercising also helps increase your concentration. So if you have a sport that you play or you are just the running type, go out and warm up your muscles. It will help you concentrate better.



Have a proper space to study in, don't do any leisure activity in that place. Surround it with books and keep it clean. You can change your place to study as often as you like, but one constant presence of study table will help you stay rooted. You can stick up your syllabus or motivational posters or do lists on sticky notes on your walls. It might help you create an ideal study environment depending on your style of doing so.


Don't highlight-

During boards, every word you read is important of those CBSE books. So instead of highlighting in the book, write notes, in points if possible. Give a heading to each point so that it's easy to remember. Highlight in notes.


Contextualise syllabus-

Try and let your studies enamour you. Make coloured notes, it is scientifically proven to make you remember better. This will help you feel interested and connected with the syllabus resulting in longer study hours.


For Concentration Issues-

We live in the world of careless surfing. In the world of internet and television, where such colour is trying to capture our attention, black and white textbooks can be hard to hold one's attention. See if you learn better by reading, writing or listening. Some kids can listen for a longer period of time than they can read, in that case, if it is a theoretical subject, try and record you reading the lesson out and you can refer to that recording later. Group study might also be your forte, as seeing other students and discussing your syllabus may make it more understandable and interesting as any other conversation with friends. While doing subjects like Maths, Physics and other ones which involve problem-solving, maybe try and play music in the background. It will drain any other sound which might have grabbed your attention otherwise. The music usually played in the video games is recommended for that, the games include music which captures the gamer's attention and makes them play for longer hours. Or maybe set little goals for yourself, little incentives that help you complete your daily syllabus.


Don't lose out on your hobbies-

It's easier than done, I know. But this will help in keeping your stress to the minimum level. If you like music, whenever your studies start to get to you just throw your head back and shout out your favourite song, do a karaoke. If you like dancing, put up 'Khalibali' or any other song which makes you lose yourself. Don't give up on your hobbies under the pressure of the exam.


Understand that this is not the end. There are things beyond this. If you ever feel like talking, never back out from doing so with whosoever you feel comfortable with, be it your teacher, family member or friends.

Happy Boards, friends. You all will do well, we trust you all. :)

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