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Thinking To How To Text Your Crush At Night? Here Are DIY Tips To Get Started

Date: 2018-07-23 14:21:27

By Abhishek

Let's be true, the title of this article has put your heart rate up by 100km/hour speed!
You don't want your crush to think you are too clingy so you want the conversation to go smooth, engaging and if luck is by your side then maybe she will start liking you too.

(BEWARE, Do not try to start the Chipko movement in your messages to which she may feel irritated. Be polite and respect her, not only at that moment but in general.)

I understand it is difficult to start a convo but please don't start it with a hacky line - How are you? What's up?
Don't you feel it is so cliche, you should start with something new and it's time to tear out those old school diaries.

So let's start with our love session tips on how to start a conversation with your crush at night.

1. Show you are concerned about her.

Ask her - how was your day? Followed by a Hello,
To this, you will surely get your answer and congratulations you cleared your first step.


2. Truth or dare? Or Never have I ever?

This goes really well to continue the conversation and it will help you to know more about your crush. It's a game + fun time.

3. You know what?? You came into my dreams!!

The romantic side coming out of you. It depends on you, how you want her to act. In short, your imagination and heart will play an important role here.


4. Make her feel that you enjoy her company.

With you, I always have a really great time, thank you!!
And if he says, Thank you bolna zaroori tha?
Congratulations, you are going one step closer to your crush.
Actually, this is a kind, sweet gesture towards showing your interest towards the person.



5. Trigger some curiosity.

"You will not believe what happened to me today!"
This phrase in her message box will raise a kind of curiosity in her and will help you start a better conversation.

6. The message at 2 AM.


If she replies ...well and good,
what are you waiting for, start the chat.
if otherwise, she has slept - when she will wake up in the morning, she will see your message and Tadaa... you got all day to continue the conversation.
(just make sure you have ideas so that there is no pause between your convo.)


7. Going to that event?

Ask her if she is going to that event nearby the city and if she is not, you can ask her to go with you.
This will help both of you to know more about each other...



8. The good boy image.

Always address the last message with "I Hope you had a nice day...Goodnight..." followed by the smile
This shows you really care about her and you want to make her day happy and special.

NOTE: Just make sure you do not overstate your talk, just be you and speak in a respectful manner. The points listed above are not the cheatsheet, it's the basic etiquettes which you must show.

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