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To That Friend Who Always Cancels The Plan At The Last Minute 'Itna Kyun Ghar Mein Ghusse Rehte Ho?'

Date: 2021-03-03 13:03:36

By Manveen

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Everybody knows somebody who cancels the plan last minute and this somebody is always the most enthusiastic one to make a plan. This is the person who makes a Whatsapp Group in a nanosecond the moment somebody says there should be a plan, will find a hundred places and go through their reviews on Zomato, probably decide the clothes also and come up with a fake viral or false urgent situation last minute and backs out from the plan.

Our question is why?

Why do you go through the whole journey when you never wanted to reach your destination?


Do you book an Uber, board it, and just before reaching the destination tell the Uber driver to take a U-turn and go back because you have suddenly changed your mind?

Don't change your mind, actually "change" your "mind". Get yourself a new mind or a brain or a whatever.

If you were not interested then you could have simply said so at the beginning itself, it is a free world. Everybody accepts opinions. The world has come to accept people who believe that Earth is flat so they can also accept you, you need not worry. Your condition is not so bad. Somebody will find you and love you.


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And what exactly is it that you do at home? Come on dude, all day every day, do you not get bored ever?

Do you not feel like breathing fresher air?

Do you not crave human contact?

Do you not miss gossips and giggles?

What is it?

Now don't blame it on being broke because when you stay at home, you mindlessly go through UberEats, Zomato, and Swiggy as if they are your Instagram feed and something or the other end up tempting you and you end up buying it, so no do not lie at all. You do this.


So why don't you rather go out and grab lunch or dinner with your friends?

Conversation and food both, what a lovely combination.

Why are you denying yourself the loveliness of the world?

Do you not want to be happy?

Do you secretly relate to nihilist jokes?

What is it, child?

I Hope, this drills some sense and love for the world in you and drags your lazy ass out.

Tag your last-minute party poopers in the comment section below.


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