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Hello WhatsApp Friend, Aap F**k Off Hojayo.

Date: 2021-03-05 11:51:51

By TabloidXO

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Have you watched "To All The Boys I have Loved Before"?

Even if you have not it's okay, we will explain our catch. So basically this lead actress Laura Jean writes five letters to five different boys telling them about her feelings and this is how she met her epic love Peter Kevinsky. Yes, the internet candy, the very same.


But do you know in a more regular situation this would not work out and for a hundred reasons but the reason we are going to highlight for it to not work out is that he would not reply back. Nobody fucking does tbh!


It's like one day in the third standard your teacher is teaching you Value Education, telling you to be kind and sweet and to say "hello" to people every time you walk past them and if somebody approached you for some help you help them with an open heart because God loves those who help others but suddenly it is the 21st century, people are just a phone call or a text away and you text them, and they seen zone you (in short, ignore kar diya tujhe).

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For five minutes.
For twenty minutes.
For an hour.
For as long as they don't need you. (Which means, mostly forever!)

Who the hell came up with this social structure and why the hell is nobody doing anything about it?


If you genuinely think about it your best of friends do not care enough to reply back to you on Whatsapp. If you send somebody something on Instagram they would know atleast send a heart back because the option is just right there, on the same page as the message. But now you have to tap on the keyboard for that heart option to be there so now what people have done is that they have also stopped sending that little gesture of acknowledgment back.


Is It like "why have tameez when you can simply be badtameez?" Is this what your beliefs are? To ignore someone?


Tbh, if somebody genuinely cared about your social etiquette is Whatsapp. Zuckerberg figured out people nowadays are lazy Af and would rather look like a schmuck than respond back with even a monosyllable, so they started listing and giving a separate page to your most used emojis before the entire set of emojis on your keyboard. So you atleast still send a thumbs up or a fake laugh emoji with tears of joy coming out of his eyes to acknowledge the message sent to you.

But you are still lazy to do even that.


So Whatsapp gave you the choice of sending voice notes, it's just literally tapping on the icon and holding it as you speak in the microphone but tumse yeh bhi nahi hua.


Whatsapp came up with stickers expecting quirks might interest you and make you a better person but nope, not even that could make you reply back.


Our question is yeh jo message seen zone karke and not reply back karke time bacha lete ho, what do you do with that?

MBA? MBBS? IAS ki tayyari?

There should be some reason? Or are you running out of time for the Presidential elections?

So do let us know in the comments below, what is it that you do with all the time you save by not responding back. Ciao!


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