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Sick Thoughts People Have Which Is Making Our Country Polluted.

Date: 2019-05-01 20:16:15

By Mansha

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After all the equality videos that Bollywood and the government have done to change the mindset of people, there are still some people haven't changed and the biggest example of that is, an old lady telling the group of girls that they deserve to get raped because of short clothes. Yes, this happened on 30th April at Gurugram in a restaurant.

No matter, how hard we try to change our society, but we can't change the air that has already been polluted by toxins. Once the damage is done, you can't change it and this is what that damage is. Their minds have been polluted and now, we can't clean the air.

Here are some of those sick thoughts, which people still have...

Husbands should not do the house chores:

No one gets to eat for free. If you want to eat, sleep and live in the house, fight for it.


Girls should not wear short clothes publicly because that only attracts the evil eyes:

Why can't you lay off your eyes from us? That would be simple, people.


Every couple they see in the public, they are all lovers because according to them friends don't exist:

If two people of opposite genders are having fun together, that doesn't mean they are in love because a relationship of being friends is much more special than being lovers.


Girls should not work after getting married:

No, dear society, we want to be independent, so that later in life, we don't have to beg for basic needs and wants. If you have any problem with us working after getting married, close your eyes and cut off with us, as we don't want such negativity in our lives.


Men don't cry:

Apart from saying, men don't cry, say, men don't make girls cry as, only because of this norm, they tend to take out all their frustrations on their partners. So, let them cry, show their emotions and stop judging, people.


Girls, who belong to good families, should not go out at night:

So, what you want us to do? Sit at home and wait for a prince charming to take us out on a horse. We are self-sufficient and we don't need your approval to go out, as our parents are not like you. They understand us and more importantly, they trust us.


If harassment takes place, women should try to keep quiet because of the family's prestige:

She was not at fault; a guy was, who tried to molest her. He should get punished. Support the victims and help them to open up to the world.


Women are born only to take care of their husbands and kids. Her dreams don't matter:

And we don't want such people in our society. Your mentality is much worse that we can't even compare to anything else.


The makeup of a girl describes her nature and attitude:

And it describes your poor mental health. We do makeup because we like it, not because we have to prove something to someone. So, back off.


For a better future ahead, youth have to take matters in their own hands. Do educate your kids properly so that, they won't have to listen, what we have listened to all our lives.

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