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I am unlearning some things in my 20s which I learned or heard all my life

Date: 2018-09-04 18:18:06

By Mansha

We all must have learned some knowledge about life from our elders which we used to think is so positive but as we grow elder we realize, it's all look or sounds good in stories because in real, life is more difficult and full of ups & downs. So, I am unlearning some of the lessons, which I have heard all my life:

Go with a flow don't think too much:

Whenever we say about us not happy with something or we are impatient regarding something. They always used to say, don't think too much go with a flow because that will give you less pain of waiting but now when I am older and wiser, I have realized rather than ignoring that and in saying "will see", we should really think about it and no matter how hard you try to let it go, it can never happen because that thing certainly goes in your mind all time.


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Finish your studies than life would simpler and on track:

We all must have listened in our childhood that "do your 12th and college then everything would be smooth and on track", and now I have realized it was all a hoax. After studies, life is more tough, complicated and way more practical and real. It takes ages to realize that now life would be like this only, you have to work on your dreams days and nights because everything can't perfect always.


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You will never be alone:

There is a say that at the age of 18 to 25, you meet a lot of temporary people that leave a hard impact on you after leaving and that is true. Remember, how our parents used to say that you will never be alone and now from this age forward you will make best of friends that will never leave your hand but in reality you will meet some who will be your shadow throughout your life and some will come & go but while leaving they will leave you in a deep pain and in reality many people can't be good all the time.


Life is unfair and hard:

You have to fight for your own success; things will not fall on your lap on their own. Everything depends on your hard work and your seriousness towards your goals. When someone used to say, life is hard, I often used to think what it makes so complex but now when I have finally entered in my adulthood I have realized that life is hard because you make it hard, to make it smooth and fun you have to earn it.



Listen to your elders because they are always right:

They are right sometimes, but always no one can ever be exempt if they are god themselves. Occasionally they can be wrong too and there is no harm or anything wrong in making them realize that they can be pointless too. Pointing out their mistakes can be in favor many times.


Failures are for losers:

You can't learn until you lose and you can't rise until you fall. There is no harm to be losers sometimes because it teaches you the best of things in life.



Always be polite to others:

Being polite to others is very appraisable and a right thing to do but when something is going wrong around you, feel free to raise your voice against evil and bad. During my childhood I have always listened to things like don't speak in that way or don't be so straightforward, people get hurt but when I am wiser now, I have realized sometimes you need to be straightforward to make other people realize that they are wrong.


When we enter in our 20s we realize that life is tough and we make our ways to live in this mean and big world, sometimes alone and sometimes we get support from our close ones. Live your life king size because at the end of it, this is all that we have got.

Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.
Happy living!!

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