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What's It Like To Be, Touching 30 And Unmarried? It's Dreadful, But It's Okay.

Date: 2019-07-15 16:18:33

By TabloidXO

Your life can basically be categorized into the following phases; One, when you are a kid and you enjoy your life giving no second thought to anything possible; Second, when you are a teenager and you have to think about how to look cooler; Third, when you are in your 20s you do think about getting a job but still, you do go to a lot of parties; Forth, the most dreadful phase, when you are in your 30s, the adulthood where you don't know exactly where you stand; Fifth, basically the adulthood continues to exaggerate itself.


Being in the 30s is more like having a life full of mundane days and nights. If you are financially unstable, God save you, your mundane life turns into a maniac life, so confused and still restless.

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The cherry on the cake is when you are 30 and still unmarried. How could you commit this sin?


So much of EXPECTATION game goes on when you are in your 30s.

What parents expect:

"You should have been married by 28, the latest", "Log Kya Kahenge?", "Your friends are married; don't you feel like getting a husband?"
Mummy is more specific. She says if you get married late, eventually you would have kids, by the time they would be 15 years old, you would be looking like their grandmother.


What friends expect:

"Get married, we want a party!"


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What aunties expect or rather what they do. They go extremes.

They talk a lot in the washroom, unknowingly that you could also be there behind the doors. Basically, 'Character Haran' has been initiated.

Aunty 1: "I think she doesn't want to get married to our community boy. She already must be having a 'love affair' with another boy."

Aunty 2: "Isn't she looking fat in the party? She wouldn't be pregnant, would she?"

Aunty 3: "If she would go for an arranged marriage, she might find a divorcee. All the 'good boys' would have been married by now."

Are you serious? How can anyone talk anything like this? But this is how some aunties are. They are always present in one washroom or the other.


Sometimes, somethings are done behind our back and when you ask them why do they have to do this, I don't know how but it is for our better future. In spite of saying NO, mummy still uploads your profile on the matrimonial website. Still, it is fine. The water goes above the nose when you get rejected by some 'reasonable men'. Now, that wasn't what I expected!



"Once I grow up, I would live like a king and do things my way" said a six-yr. old kid. I replied, "I guess you believe in unicorns, but they don't exist."

You have to be confident in yourself and be responsible for your actions. That is the only mantra for you to get along with your 30s. So yes, being 30 is difficult, but Say YES, when you are sure to take responsibilities.


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