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9 Things Every Vegetarian Friend Wants To Tell To A Non-Vegetarian Friend.

Date: 2019-04-05 19:09:00

By Mansha

Being a vegetarian among the non-vegetarians is like an irritating granny who always pokes you about everything and anything, simply like, vamps in Hindi TV serials.

They will keep poking their nose in your diet and life about how badly you are missing the real heaven which is placed in their non-vegetarians dishes but wait, enough friends because this time we will speak instead of listening to your bullshit.

Today, I have come with the voices of vegetarian's souls who want to answer back to all those people who keep giving them advice on, "how they should convert into non-vegetarian".

Things which vegetarian's wants to say to non-vegetarians:

Stop asking us to have only gravy, as it does not consist of chicken because it is being cooked in the same pan so it has chicken in, you senseless creatures!



No, we don't live on GHAAS PHOOS. Our food is as tasty as yours because we know how to make our food tasty and according to our taste buds. So, keep your eyes away from our food...


Stop telling us that we are missing real protein because we have it in Paneer and Soya and if you do not believe us then check with every doctor in the town. He will tell you it is equally healthy and beneficial for the body.


Stop telling, it is the cycle of the universe because that is the lamest reason anyone would like to listen about starting eating non-vegetarian because it is our choice and not anyone's else decision.


We don't give damn about getting future spouse a vegetarian because it will be his or her choice. So, for god's sake stop telling us to have it only because we would not find a vegetarian soul in this world but let me tell you, there are thousands of vegetarians around you and us.


There is a VEG BIRYANI, which is not known as pulao because it can be made of CUTLET, SOYA OR ANYTHING that we wish for.


Stop giving us situations like, "imagine we are stuck in a desert and there is no food except meat" because that will never happen and if it happens then we would choose our life over our food choices. In present, we have no such dangerous situations and we are happy to be vegan. Now, shoo...


"You must be saving your maximum money because vegetarian food is less costly". EXCUSE ME? We have our other expenses and we don't compromise on our food, we eat whatever we like in whatever amount.


We don't care if you could survive without non-vegetarian because we are not judgemental as you are. You live your life and we will live our lives.


Stop bugging us by making irritating sounds like a honeybee. Mind your business and keep eating what you like and let us eat in peace what we like.



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