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After Watching 'Avengers: Endgame' This Girl Cried So Much That She Was Rushed To The Hospital

Date: 2019-04-27 15:47:48

By TabloidXO Writers

The wait for MCU fans to watch the Endgame is over and the least I could say is "Will miss you, Avengers: Endgame."


*Crying sound in the background*

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Well, we are Wrought up in the situation right now, whether we should cry like Chris Evan (he cried six times while watching the premiere) did while he watched the movie? Or should we bid happy goodbye to our favorite universe?


In one such real-life incident, a 21-year-old girl cried so much while watching the Avengers: Endgame that she was rushed to the hospital.


According to the reports, Xiaoli, who lives in China, went with her friends to see the movie together; during one particular scene, the girl started crying unmanageably. Once she left the theatre, she started to have less breath and complained about chest pain, her condition went to worse and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The doctor in an interview said:

I saw that the patient had been breathing heavily, and according to the description from her peers, we thought that her crying had caused "hyperventilation". We immediately gave her oxygen and relaxed her emotions by appeasement, reducing her hyperventilation symptoms.

After her treatment, she was discharged from the hospital the same night.


Be strong when you will go to watch the Endgame because it's an emotional movie. Let's give the movie a happy Goodbye!

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