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Ways To Deal With Possessive Boyfriends.

Date: 2019-02-25 11:29:10

By Mansha

Every girl loved the idea of being loved and cared for by their boyfriends but there is a difference between caring and being possessive. Being a possessive boyfriend does not mean, a girl has to be his puppet. He should not control her life, or form any wrong judgments if she wants to do things of her own, instead he should help her in achieving her desires. Possessive boyfriend one more annoying trait is that, he might stop her from meeting her friends or siblings; eventually he will try to be her boss rather than being a good boyfriend. Girls wish for some space and in that desperation of receiving space, relationships gets toxic.

Ways to deal with possessive boyfriends to protect your relationship to fall into pieces...

Tell them to share their side of the story:

No one gets possessive without any reason; suggest him to talk through this over tea or a nice date. Ask him, what worries him about you or if there is something that makes him uncomfortable? And if yes, then clear the air by keeping your side of the story too.


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Tell him that you are feeling trapped:

Be straight about your emotions and feelings. Tell him that his behavior letting you think about wrong things about him but you love him and you don't want to let this end ever. Tell him what you feel about him and there is nothing from which he has to feel insecure about you.


Indulge him into your friend circle:

Make sure you both are comfortable with this step, talk to him about inviting him to meet your friends and if you both are congenial then indulge him into your friend circle to let him know that you are all his and no one can snatch you away from him and if he is worried about your company or whereabouts then let him know by introducing him to your friends that you are safe in your own little world.


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See a couple of counselors:

If things are getting overboard and out of your hands but you really want to save your love then don't feel uneasy or shy to meet a couple counselor, they might help you better and would tell you beneficial ways to protect your relationship and it will help your boyfriend too to understand you.


Try to ignore arguments:

He won't change overnight, after putting your thoughts in front of him, give him time to take out all of his insecurities from his mind. Support him and make him believe that things would be fine again soon.



Don't tolerate abusive relationships:

Sometimes insecurity and over possessiveness makes the man go crazy because of which he tries to control you anyway. Don't let him control your thoughts or life if things are still going wrong after putting your best efforts to make it right then let it go. Let that person go because a person who would love you, won't hold onto your wings, he will trust you with his heart and will let you fly high in the sky.


A man, who loves you from all of his heart, would support you and believe in you for your every step. If your guy is being over possessive then it means that he is having second thoughts somewhere another. Try to make it right because every relationship demands efforts but still if your efforts are going in vain then it is not meant to be.


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