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10 Things A Husband Should Know Before His Wedding Night.

Date: 2019-09-06 11:52:36

By Mansha

We all fantasize about our wedding night about how it would be, how things would go and how amazing it would be to be with your love partner under one roof without any restrictions. Yes, it is a dream come true for every one of us.

But the marriage first night is not always like what we imagined it to be especially what guys expect from their wedding first night because the girls have a whole different perspective about it and today, I have come with the few things that husband should know about their wedding night, according to women:

Get ready to undo all the safety pins and hairpins:

Yes, because she would need your help to undo her DUPATTAS, which would be tied by hundreds of safety pins all around and obviously, her hair, which would be tied by hundreds of pins all over her head. So, chances are, you will spend the night by taking out all the pins from her entire body.


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She wants you to just hold her in your arms:

After all the hectic rituals and functions, she would want you to embrace her in your arms and hold her safely near your chest because your touch is the only thing, which makes her feel calm.


She would prefer the conversation instead of the action:

As the husband and a wife, chances are she would look forward to some quality time with you where you both would just talk about, how smoothly everything went and how happy you are to have each other as a spouse.


You do have to make her comfortable:

She had never been with a guy in the same room as a wife and she would be extremely nervous about the entire "first night" thing. So, she would expect you to make her comfortable by making her believe that there is no rush or any kind of pressure to make your first night memorable and the best of all.


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She would take at least an hour to come out of her bridal attire:

You would take a few minutes to come out of your groom attire, but she would take at least an hour to take out her makeup, jewelry, and clothes. She would expect you to be patient and help her when she would need one, be a good husband by helping her to be comfortable in her skin.


There might be some embarrassing moments:

Get ready to face some weird silence or embarrassing moments where you both would have no idea about what to do next? And it's okay because practice makes the man perfect.



She won't make the first move you have to:

She would feel shy about the whole process but deep inside, she would want you to make her feel loved and special. Do make the first move because she wants you to.


You both would be tired:

Weddings are tiring and exhausting because of which chances are, she would be too tired to make things happen and she would want you to understand her feelings.


Chances are you will sleep while spooning:

And that's the best feeling for girls as your one simple touch can be everything to her. Maybe she would be tired to do stuff but she would want you to hold her while sleeping as your wife.


She might not be able to finish what you started:

If you have started making love then chances are she won't be able to arrive at the finishing line because it hurts. She might stop you in between and would expect you to understand her position and respect her decision.


Don't expect too much from your wedding night because real beauty is when you go with the flow. Hold her, embrace her and let her know you love her the most because that's the only thing she wants to hear on her wedding night.


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