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Desi Zoom Meetings In India Are Super Fun?

Date: 2020-10-15 11:51:30

By Manveen

Do you even remember what your office/ workplace looked like? Do you miss it or are you already so comfortable that you want your company to follow Microsoft's steps as well. Yes, Microsoft has opted for work from home models forever. Will it be beneficial or not, that debate will be taken up in the future, but right now, we are just trying to figure out endless ways to avoid zoom meetings. Why cannot people just text and email?

Sure, something needs to be discussed and explained, but let us be honest, we have had to put up with many online meetings which could have sufficed as mail as well. Hate to dress your upper body for these meetings, don't you? Yeah, that is all of us.

zoom meeting

However, it should not be assumed that working from home is easy. Not everybody lives in big mansions and villas. Traditionally, siblings share one room, we have children at home who have their online classes, grandparents who love blasting the television on full volume and mothers' whose mixer and grinders know no rest.

In offices, we are provided with the internet and those industrial internet have larger bandwidth to run, they are not slow neither do they stagger, but our home wifi does not work with that speed especially when everybody in the house is connected to it. Also, what about the wifi bill? Our offices are not covering that and the amount of A/C used during the summers, offices are not paying for that either. Moreover, laptops and desktops are run already and put on charge, clearly, offices are not covering that either, so there is a lot of the hidden cost involved, which our workplace is not covering and now we have to pay for it ourselves.

zoom meeting


Anyway, here is what a zoom meeting in a desi conventional Indian household looks like:

1.) If you have children, then they are probably always being heard in the background. There are kids running around the house, tapping on stairs, fighting, arguing, watching cartoons and etc.

2.) If you have a cat or dog, then they do not care if you have a meeting or not, they just show up in the middle or start barking whenever they feel like it. It is their house, their rules.

zoom meeting

3.) The pressure cooker-whistle noise, mixer grinder churning something, some useless teenage kid in the neighborhood blasting music on full volume, etc.

4.) If you belong to a religious household and live with your grandparents, they probably play Bhajan all-day and you have to request them to turn the volume down before you answer your zoom calls.

indian pooja

5.) If you happen to have a sibling who is also working from home, a father who is also working from home then you all sit in different places so that one's video calls do not clash with others. Who says this is convenient?

6.) By now your boss and other colleagues must be knowing your whole family because they have must have been popping up in the background while you are in a meeting? Yes? Cheers!

indian pooja

7.) If you have a room with a balcony and you like keeping the balcony door open for fresh air, but then suddenly out of the blue, a local fruit vendor or a vegetable vendor starts screaming? Yeah, lol!

8. And in continuation to the sixth point, your mom/dad must have asked your boss to raise their Raja beta/Rani beti salary. Am i not correct?

indian mom

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