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9 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our Brave Indian Army

Date: 2019-03-11 13:22:33

By TabloidXO Writers

Our army is one thing that deserves more respect than anything else, literally! They are the ones on the edge, ready to lay down on the Earth bed for all the million citizens. For us to live in peace, they rest in peace. Here are 9 life lessons to gain from our Indian Army that we can be proud of.

1. Discipline.

The one value we take for granted and think it's not that important – Discipline is something they teach us to work on in daily life. The armed forces focus on discipline and important of routine way more. If we learn to work out this attribute, we'll be ahead of many in the line to succeed.


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2. Bravery.

They teach us that bravery is not being strong and doing it, it's taking the leap of faith in your scariest of times. The Indian Armed Forces are examples of brotherhood and standing for each other by acting bravely in the ugliest of times.


3. Unity in diversity.

The one thing that our nation desperately needs to follow up on – a sense of brotherhood, standing together on the same ground. Our soldiers are so packed and on the same page, they make us realize that practicing unity in diversity is no biggie.


4. The collective benefit over individual benefit.

The Indian Army teaches all of us that we should keep other's ease, comfort and safety above ours. We should strive and do proud of the people around us for them, be selfless! I think we should all learn to be selfless in our lives to become better human beings.


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5. Sacrifice is a big word and a bigger doing.

Members of the Army spend months or sometimes years away from their families in order to save and protect their countrymen. They are so readily standing there on the borders, risking their lives, making a sacrifice for us, despite them having their own families to answer to. They teach us that sacrifice is difficult to make but not impossible if you have a bigger heart to do it.


6. How to respect people!

Although most of us think we know how to respect people, we actually fail to do so. In the Armed Forces, all the members are taught to respect one another first, value each one's position and to consider everybody as an ideal. We need to start respecting people more!


7. You can't be cribbing all the time.

In life, not all happen as per your wishes. You need to give out some to get in some. You should be open to all kinds of adjustments and be flexible not just by the body, but also by the mind in order to survive any kind of emergency. You just can't whine all the time.



8. Titles don't matter.

Just like in the army, they are taught that titles don't matter, in a job it is the same. You are going for a war with a soldier who's been doing it for 30 years and has that kind of experience ad tactics to handle situations and crisis. Value the person's experience more than what their position is in an organization.


9. Speak less, do more.

A very simple motto of life which people should consider in their lives. Trust me, it makes daily living and dealing with people much easier and passes on more wisdom. In the end, actions speak louder than words, don't they?


In the honor of all the lives of the soldiers who got risked, we pay tribute to them with this article. More power to all of you. We respect you and there's a lot to learn from you. Thank you for being a shield for us, every time and always.


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