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Dear Guys, We Girls Urge You All To Not Be Like This.

Date: 2019-07-11 13:31:01

By Mansha

"Women are from Mars and men are from Venus."

Men are different than women in terms of handling and getting into relationships. Whereas women are mature, straightforward and sorted in terms of their relationships, men are confused, immature and kind of clueless.

They do such things, which make girls hurt and crazy. Their way of showing, handling and getting love is different from women. Today, I have come with the things that as a girl I think they should not do or not to act in a particular way.

Dear guys, please not be like this...

Don't date a girl by seeing her outer beauty because that's not always permanent. Permanent is inner beauty and a beautiful soul.



Don't dress to impress any girl because a girl, who would love you for your looks, will never hold your heart for a lifetime.


Don't drink only because it makes you look cool.


Don't be a control freak in your relationship because you are a guy. Give her, her space and listen to her advice and suggestions.


Don't be a playboy. Be with one girl and experience a real love by loving that one person in a thousand ways rather than loving a thousand girls in one way.


Don't be a creep by laying eyes on every other girl you see. Lay your eyes for one girl and that will make you a real gentleman.


If you really love a girl, show her by making a commitment rather than holding her by her curves. Hold her for a lifetime.


Stop abusing in public places because it disgusts people around when you name mothers and daughters.


Stop being each other's wingman and be a nice man by getting yourself a girl in a subtle way.


Know your boundaries. When a girl says, "no" then take it as a no and stop stalking her everywhere, everywhere by means even on social media.


Believe in savings and stop spending money as it grows on trees. Save it for the future and spend less on parties and chillings with friends.


Last but definitely not the least, if you love someone, then express it by your actions and words because that will make your lady love the happiest of all.


Do you get it, guys? Follow on these footsteps and you will see a better change in your lives...

Every girl out there...

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