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What Type Of Guys Do Girls Like? Here Are The Things Which Girls Look For.

Date: 2019-10-04 17:33:52

By Mansha

There is a say, "a kind of a guy, which every girl dreams of is just available in fairytales and movies" and we can't comment on that because no one is perfect, but at least we can give hints to the men for being the perfectionist in the eyes of girls.

We know and we can hear your voices guys saying, "you girls can never get satisfied" but trust me, if you stand in majority of the points that are listed below then trust us girls, we will love you like no one else.

Here is a list of what Type of guys do girl like:

  1. A guy who can handle the mood swings without getting impatient and angry.

  2. Who shows respect towards the people irrespective of the gender and that's involved, abusing unnecessarily even to your friends.

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  4. Who never compares his girl to his mother. Yes, we understand she is your mom and we love the way you love her, but in same way we would love to share the part of your love without comparisons. Because we both are 2 different individuals.

  5. The one who is sensible enough to handle any situation without getting hyper.

  6. Who loves his girl's family as his own and respect them as a son.

  7. The one who knows how to balance, drinking for fun and drinking because you want to get drunk.

  8. Who cares for us on little-little things. Maybe pampering us when we have a mild cold and cough.

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  10. Who expresses his feelings more often than just on special days because listening to his "I love you" every day would be the best feeling we can get.

  11. The one who cuddles up with us to make us feel secure in his arms.

  12. Sometimes yes, we do like shy guys. So shy guys, you don't have to worry, someone is there for you.

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  14. Who believes in giving and taking little space to let love blossom more because distance makes the love grow.

  15. The one who gives importance to our sexual desires too.

  16. A guy who is emotional and shows his real feelings to us without letting his male ego come in between.

  17. Who never looks at another woman, but only us and keeps reminding us, he is lucky to have us.

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  19. A guy who takes care of a drunken girl instead of trying to take her advantage.

  20. The one who knows when to stop arguing during the heated conversation and giving us the warmest and hardest hug to make us forget about the argument.

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  22. Who has a great sense of humor and keeps on making us laugh every day and all day.

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  24. The one who is creative when it comes to planning special nights because we love thoughtful and different surprises.

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  26. Who is supportive enough on every word we say, like, "if you want, we can stay at home and chill with Netflix and pizza". That's the best kind of date we can ever ask for.

  27. Who is adventurous and keeps us busy with his stories. Also, one day or someday, take us along to experience the same things.

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  29. Who helps us to keep calm at the time of bad mood by showering endless love on us.

We wish to get all of these qualities in one man, but we will be satisfied if we get atleast majority of it. Guys, it isn't that tough to impress a girl. TRY!


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