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We Asked People What Secret Santa Gifts They Want. Check Out Hilarious Answers.

Date: 2018-12-25 10:20:45

By Manveen

Gifting is an art and not everybody is an artist. But artist or not everybody must consider themselves as that student stuck in school who could not bear art classes yet had to make through forceful art exams. So to cut it short, you have to do it. You have to gift and there is no other choice.

But you can leave the bone china's and exotic incense sticks and all such fancy Christmas gifts for your mother beloved and gift what your peers really want. Now we know you want to play secret Santa and cannot guess something out of the blue so we have asked a few people what they wanted Christmas gifts and this is what they had to say:

1.) Sleep the whole year as Christmas gifts.


Well, not that this is very Christmas-y but okay. Jab life mein goals, ambitions poora nahi ho raha toh jo ho raha hai so wohi karlo. But not that you can gift it to anybody. Just get them a comfy blanket or a pillow, mattresses are expensive.Don't invest that much in anybody, book yourself a spa later.

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2.) Wifi as Christmas gifts.


Well, quite an investment on a full-scale broadband level but perhaps Jio could be a solution. Ambani's, we are so grateful to you. Thank you for bringing Beyonce and Jio to India.
And if anybody in any way who is reading this can show them this, can you give us a Coachella in Udaipur again too?

3.) Pizza as Secret Santa Gift.


This is quite an easy one and the heartbeat of Americans and wannabe American's, oh Netflix what have you done to our country!
But okay do keep the preferred topic in mind, it has to be special and very very cheesy ( quite literally).

4.) No judgment.


Wow, as if!

Well, we cannot out rule this demand downright, perhaps a lot of us can use it so if any of ya'll know where this is available, do let us all know.

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5.) Maal Aka. Food as Christmas gifts.


Maal is the real maal and to the respected government, we request you to legalize the bhole baaba ka prasad and if not for long then at least for Christmas, perhaps Shiv ji and Jesus Christ can bond over this.
If not for us then for them. Look at the larger picture folks!
Give a gift that grows.

6.) Christmas Booze.


Just in queue, this one had to follow and well who can deny this?

7.) Equality to all.


Thank you feminists and LGBT supporters, we will write your application to Santa and sincerely hope this one meets the reality.


8.) To loose weight.


Well, you could take some food away from this person on Christmas who demands it first and then eat it in front of them and let them know they are beautiful just the way they are and they do not need to loose weight.
Nobody should bring in reality once the Christmas bells start ringing but yes once that is over all the jokes can be about them in the summer.

9.) Better Friends.


Don't know how to get this to one but fun tip "Just give Nat Geo an update about the exotic human-like snakes you met in school/college".

With this, we take our leave, Farewell and Happy Holidays!


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