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What To Do To At Home During Coronavirus Pandemic? Here Is What Gen Z Can Do.

Date: 2020-03-20 15:25:43

By Manveen, TabloidXO

If you have not come across that meme/ a very true fact, taking rounds on the internet, we will repeat it here for you again. Your grandparents and forefathers were called to war. They bid their time fighting for life. You just have to stay at home, you can do it. You have to do it. If you are one of those people who are planning getaways because of the airline crisis, then sorry, you are failing humanity. Did you all not want to just sit home and procrastinate? Did you not all just want to stay home and binge-watch Netflix? Whatever happened to that?

As sad as it is, you at least are getting time to sleep, rest and entertain yourselves at home. Doctors and nurses are working tirelessly to find a cure, help the affected patients, they're our local fruits and vegetable vendors that have to go out daily despite the pandemic and health hazards to earn their living. Thank your stars your life has made you privileged enough to just stay home and protect yourself. If the boredom has begun to get to you, here is what you can do:

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1.) Research and stay informed.

Yes, first and foremost. Maybe earlier your work and lifestyle did not permit you to take time out for research or other things, but since you can spare an hour or so, here is what you can do. Research about what went wrong globally? Was this a pandemic animal-borne or did China deliberately developed such a virus? Bird flu, swine flu, Covid 19, all of these come from China only, why so? Currently, China is benefitting the most in terms of shares and the stock market. Mere coincidence or a planned strategy? Even if not, due to global warming the Perma layers are melting. Just imagine the viruses that will be released that have been dead and frozen for centuries. We have called upon our own doom.

2.) How to make sanitizer at home.

If information is not your cup of tea, then perhaps you can do something more productive. You can learn how to make sanitizer at home. Anyway, there are hardly available in the market and the ones that are, are already being sold at inflating prices. Save yourself folks because capitalism won't save anybody.

Here is how you can make hand sanitizer at home:

3.) Cook.

Cooking is always a suggestion every time you need to tell somebody to do something productive, but right now, it is more than that. You cannot trust what is being cooked where and in which conditions. Moreover, because you will keep on ordering food online, restaurants won't give their daily wage workers any off and let us not forget that nobody is immune to the virus. Everybody needs to stay at home. Stock up your vegetables, watch those Youtube videos and cook for yourself. Ensure your own safety!

How about cooking macrons?

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4.) Clean your house yourself.

What? Who me?
Yes, you!
Globally people prefer to do their own work. Nobody feels ashamed to do that except us, Indians. We have to have servants doing our bidding. Who entitled us to this? A real weak economy model that benefits from poverty and misery of the strata falling under BPL.
Think about it, your maids go out to so many houses, what if one of them is infected or are carriers? You are risking your own health as well. Moreover, your servants are human too, and they are not immune to the virus either. Be kind, give them an off as well. In fact, you can clean your house better and then after that you will be so tired, you will sleep like a baby. Win, win!

NOTE: Don't cut your servants salary, please.

5.) Read, write, paint, sing, and dance.

Whatever makes you happy. Just do not go out and neither invite anybody else and an extra home. We need to stay inside and ensure safety. As long as anything can function with minimum or least human contact, we should do that only. Learn a new language online or sign up for a writing course, but just do not step out.

6.) Watch movies of your parent's choice.

Convert your living room or bedroom as your private cinema; dim down the lights, make use of your recliner sofa's or a mattress, get your munchies/popcorns ready and enjoy the best time with your family (ONLY AT HOME).


7.) If you are from India, join JantaCurfew on 22 March from 7 AM to PM.

Janta Curfew is an urge by PM Narendra Modi to the people of India to stay indoors. Janta Curfew means social distancing and avoids going out as much as possible.

8.) Share memes, share funny or motivational videos with friends and family.

Before your memes get older, start sending all those memes you saved on your phone. Spread some laughter with your friends and family because in this tensed time we all need that, at the same time you are helping them increase their hemoglobin.

Do not do anything that remotely involves you to go out of the house unless and until you really have to. Food, water and basic supply are mandatory, but after that everything else is secondary.


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