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What A Turban Means To Our Sikh Brothers And Sisters

Date: 2019-01-29 17:59:21

By TabloidXO Writers

Most people are hesitant to ask about any religious accessory due to the times where people get triggered by anything, most people also are curious to know why even in today's time Sikhs are so keen on upholding their religious headgear that is the turban.

The turban is also known as "Pagri" or "Dastaar" is of varied virtues in Khalsa tradition. Dastaar stands symbolically to holiness, spirituality, and humility in Sikhism.


Turban might be used just for certain ceremonies in some culture or as a fashion accessory somewhere but in Sikhism, it holds a very predominant place. It represents their faith.

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During 15th to 18th century in India, the society was divided into way too factions and treated each other with disrespect and indifference. Turbans were a headgear that was worn by the elite group of the society to establish their importance and status amongst everybody, hence to give everybody an equal identity to wear a turban was made compulsory, establishing everybody's status as equal. The first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Ji honored the second Guru, Guru Amardas Ji with a special turban when he declared him the next Guru.


Another reason for wearing a turban is one of the core teachings of Sikhism, to accept God's will and laws of nature. This meant for the body to be kept the same way as it grows without hindering anything about it including the hair. Both men and women kept long hair and did not remove hair from any part of their bodies.


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The last Guru, Guru Gobind asked all the Sikhs to comb their hair twice a day and not to cut, dye and damage them because they believed that "To honor one's hair means to honor God's will". So a turban also helps to protect the hair in public as well.

The turban is not like a hat or cap that can be worn as you go. Instead, it is a long piece of cloth that is draped around the head according to one's preference for finishing and pleats. However, the choice of color holds no religious value and is only a match play of coordination with one's outfit.



It was not compulsory for women to wear a turban, they would tie their hair and cover their heads with a "Chunni" mostly but some women out of their own wishes wear a turban.

The most asked question is if one can touch a turban? No, you should not, because it holds a very sentimental value. It is considered disrespectful if touched without permission. However, if asked with respect it is not that big an issue. It is a sacred object whence it must be handled with care.


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