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10 Unmacho Things That Women Like In Men.

Date: 2019-08-16 15:09:10

By Mansha

Men have a habit of showing themselves as the strongest creature on this planet, as if they have taken the authority of protecting everyone around them, they think hiding their emotions, makes them the bravest man but REALITY HAS TO BE CHECKED.

what women like in men

Guys, showing yourself as a macho doesn't make you more of a Superman because women know you all from inside and out. The only difference is, we don't say to your face but hiding your emotions or acting the strongest is not the only way to be a man. We feel valued when you show your real self.

Here are some unmacho things that every woman likes in men:

When you show us your soft side:

Whether it is a movie that makes you cry or your sister's wedding when you cried like a baby, Our respect increases towards you when you let your emotions come out without faking to be macho.


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When you hides your love feelings:

Girls can totally figure out if you are attracted towards them and we truly awe you when you try to hide those feelings behind those sweet gestures only because you want to give us time to think or react.


Saying no to drink or smoke:

When you are more comfortable to be without alcohol, cigaratte and saying no without worrying about the judgments of other men or women. Oh guy, we wish to grab you at that very moment for being so opinionative.


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Avoiding unnecessary heated arguments:

Men love to show themselves as masculine and powerful when it comes to fighting or abusing. But, when it comes to us, we girls love someone who knows how to handle the situation with your calmness. Trust me guys, we adore those!


When you do not abuse:

Guys, you don't have any idea how much we girls appreciate when we hear ONLY sober words (without beeps) all through the conversation with you. You pretty much earn a good amount of respect from us when you behave in such a manner.


Respecting the girl's privacy:

Some guys look at girls from creepy eyes when she is in a short dress or had a wardrobe malfunction, but we girls love those men who lower their eyes in such situations. You automatically make the place in our hearts.


Because mom said it:

We feel something great about you when you go out for paneer (cheese) or milk shopping because your mom said it. Trust us, we fall for you, when you show love towards your mother because that gives us the surety that you will love your partner more as you are raised by a queen herself.



Giving space to your sisters:

We respect you guys when you show trust towards your sister by giving her share of space in her relationship, we admire you for not controlling her life and actually, letting her live life with freedom.


Watching feminine shows, only because the sisters or wife said so.

We love it when you watch those girly shows with your loving ladies of the house. We are glad that you guys share some laugh together with them without worrying about your macho image.


Keeping your male ego aside:

It is not necessary that every man would love to go to the gym or has to be a cricket fan. We girls are okay if you do not like any particular thing because atleast you have your opinion and guts to accept it by keeping your male ego aside.


We love macho men and we are not denying it, but also, we respect those men who never fake to be one because we would like to love the real you.


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