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Annoying Guys: Thoughts Girls Have When They Witness Guys Talking About Business At A Party

Date: 2019-06-03 18:14:21

By Mansha

Standing in a group and suddenly you hear a man saying, "have you heard the news of his business crashing down or how's your investment went in that particular sector". That's when one group gets divided into two because guys start gossiping about all the businesses around them or simply, they will start whining about their own business problems.
That's when, girls feel this urge to shout at them, saying, "this is not your office or a meeting. This is a goddamn night, where we thought to enjoy as a group of friends."

Thoughts every girl has when she witnesses guys having business talks in a party or any type of gathering...


"They have started again. What is up with beers and business talks and why beers always make them talk about business?"

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"Have they forgotten I am sitting here like a queen but you fools are ignoring me as if I am a mannequin."


"I will order something to eat so that I don't ruin my night because of their shitty conversation."

"They think, they are being so cool by discussing only business, but boys, as a girl I am telling you, all other girls who can be your chance to date are hating it."

"It would have been better if I stayed at home, watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn."


"They think, they are showing themselves as the great businessmen, but, every topic has its time and this is no place to discuss this."

"It would have been easy for them to plan an outing in their office, in this way, no one will disturb them."

"I need a drink because my night is ruining and my anger is about to burst."


"From next time, I would keep my step out from my house with a condition that they won't talk about business."

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"It's better to reply to all those people on Whatsapp, whom I was ignoring."

"Let's check social media, what is going on with people's lives because I am bored."


"At least my food is here, I have something to pass my time with."

"Now it is enough, they are least interested in me. I am about to leave."

"Just say bye and leave."

"I am about to speak now."


"They deserved it. If they forced me to come here with them, then it is their responsibility to entertain me."


"This feels so much better. Sharing waves of laughter's and smile."


"This is what makes my night better because, after every long day, I need my friends to calm me down."

"I hope from next time, they won't start their business talks again, otherwise, they will hear from me again."


So, guys listen to girls around you and let it be a friendly night if you are with them because afternoons are enough to talk about business but you won't meet your friends regularly. So, enjoy every moment with them as life has made people busy.


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