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10 Guys Share Their Loving Moments When They Realized They Are In Love With Her

Date: 2019-02-12 19:23:44

By Mansha

It is not like that, that guys don't fall in love, they do and when they fall in deep love they only care for that one person. Guys are not expressive but by their actions, everything can become so clear and visible.
To fall in love it takes a moment but to fall in deep love it takes compromises, efforts and much more. Guys also take their time to feel those love feelings but once they feel it, they are ready to fight for that love to keep them to themselves for a lifetime.

We asked 10 guys that when they do get to know that they are in love, what their partners did that made them fall in deep love with their beautiful lady charm...

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"For me, it was love at first sight. I looked at her walking towards my friends because she was a friend of my friend and there I was falling for her. After a month, we started dating and currently, we are engaged".

"I realized that I am in love when I was having a drink with my friend at some bar and I was not stopping discussing her and about her with my friend. That's when it hit me that I am in love, for the very first time".


"I realized about being in love when I listened about her family finding a guy for her who will get married to my girlfriend. That's when I realized that I can't lose her and within two days I proposed to her and went to her place to ask for her hand. Now, we are happily married".

"For me, it was all very complicated, I realized about being in love with her when we broke up. I couldn't sleep, eat or drink. I was all like a zombie but as they say, once it is gone then it is gone. I tried to win her back but my stupidity failed me".


"Love is a beautiful feeling and I felt this feeling when she hugged me for the very first time. I just didn't want her to break the hug; I wanted to hold her like this for a lifetime. We dated for four years and now we are getting married in coming winters".

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"Love is like its only you and her in the slow motion and rests behind you is in still motion. You only see her everywhere and everything else becomes meaningless to you. I felt this same feeling when my parents introduced us at the arranged setup. I am happily married".


"I believe that you can't express love, it all shows on your face and by your actions. When I realized that I am in love, I was never the same person. I started smiling, laughing and living more. As if the world has become more bright suddenly".

"I realized about being in love when she was there with me in the hospital when I had a major car accident. She was with me when I was in pain so I decided to keep her in my happiness too".


"Love is not a feeling, it is an emotion and I got this amazing opportunity to feel this emotion when once upon a day my mother asked me if I am okay because I was not. Love made me go mad that time and still it takes my senses away when she hugs me or kisses me. Sorry, I can't explain the time but it was different and beautiful".


"Love is when even her mistakes and flaws become so exquisite and perfect. I realized about being in love when she made this huge mistake which I can't disclose but that mistake didn't make me angry instead I was worried about her because of which I took all that blame to myself".


Our heart is crying realizing that love is such a beautiful feeling. We are happy for you all guys and we wish you all the happiness in your life...

After all, guys do have a heart. I got to know today (kidding)...


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