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What People Feel If Their Partner Is In A Contact With His Or Her Ex

Date: 2019-01-09 14:08:31

By Mansha

Living in the 21st century and having a relationship with your partner is different from the years when people used to have one person for the lifetime. Now people have been more modern and understanding that there is nothing weird or a sin to have a relationship with more than one people.

Nowadays relationships are more mature and practical but still, there is one question that keeps up coming in the mind of partners that "if they are okay with the fact that their partners are in touch with their ex"? Every other person has a different intake on this; some says they believe in their partners and on their decisions. On the other side, some say they feel uncomfortable about it.

Today I have come with the thoughts that what people feel if their partner is in a contact with his or her ex...

Jealousy takes the place:

Some partners feel jealous about the fact that his or her partner is giving the same importance to the person who was once his or her partner. They try to keep this jealousy aside but as they say, the volcano will burst someday and it does get burst when water passes its level.


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They feel fishy all the time:

Some partners feel fishy that their partner may be haven't moved on fully from their previous relationship.


They feel not secured enough:

They feel their relationship is not secure enough and they become over possessive, which can turn out to be unhealthy for the future of the relationship.


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Okay till there are boundaries:

Some people are okay with the fact that their partner is in touch with his or her ex till there are the boundaries set by them and he or she is not ignoring them for that person. Once they feel that boundaries are breaking like going on lunches or coffees (so often) then problems can arise.


Some become insecure:

They become insecure about themselves and try to be more perfect in that relationship in comparison to the earlier relationship of their partners. It is totally normal to feel in this way but having a conversation with your partner about the same is necessary for future reference.


Some believe in having a straight conversation:

Some people believe in having a conversation with their partners before accepting the fact that their ex is still a part of their life and ask him or her if there was a full closure from both the sides or not. In this way, they feel at ease all the time.



Some feel furious:

Few partners feel furious about it and make their point clear that they are not comfortable having them around him or her. In this way, things become clear and sometimes it can take a bad turn too where other partner feel controlled.


Last, some are chilled with the fact:

Some partners are totally fine with it and also they have no problem in hanging around with them till things are positive.


As I have said, it depends on person-to-person that how they manage this situation. What's your intake on this? Will you be ok if your partner wants to be in touch with his or her ex? Or you would be uncomfortable? Do let us know by commenting down...


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